Installation & removal of pedals

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Pedals provide the connection between the rider and the bike. There are different types of pedals, such as flats (platform pedals), click pedals and duo pedals. Each type of pedal has its own advantages & disadvantages and it is important to choose the right pedal for your needs. Therefore, most of our bikes are delivered without pedals. In the following we show you which tools you need for mounting and dismounting pedals.

Installation and removal of pedals

To assemble and disassemble pedals, use an Allen key that is placed on the inside of the crank. Make sure that the right pedal is screwed into the right crank and the left pedal into the left crank. For some pedals you also need a pedal spanner. • Double-toothing improves power transmission and reduces the risk of slippage It is also very helpful when pedals are very tight and can no longer be loosened easily.

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