Suspension forks, shocks and accessories for your mountain bike

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Like so many success stories, the Manitou story began in a garage. Passionate mountain biker and Manitou founder Doug Bradbury began producing the first bicycle components in his garage in 1986. The mixture of mad scientist and daredevil inventiveness soon brought the first results when he presented a suspension fork in 1989. Since 2006, Manitou has been part of Hayes Performance Systems, a global developer and manufacturer of disc brakes.

By mountain bikers for mountain bikers
From the very beginning, Manitou has been keen to develop bicycle components with the ideal balance of weight, durability and performance. Thanks to its close ties with the sport, the quality brand has its eye on the wishes and needs of mountain bikers around the world. Thanks to its high quality, Manitou is known in the cycling world for outstanding, reliable products.

The Manitou range
The Manitou range includes high-quality MTB suspension forks as well as seat posts, shocks and corresponding accessories. Discover our selection of Manitou products and see the quality for yourself!