Ergonomic accessories for all cyclists

Ergon – noticeably better

Less pain, less discomfort, more cycling pleasure – that's what Ergon stands for. We offer the best ergonomic bike components for every discipline, whether touring, road, gravel or mountain biking. Noticeably better – that means more fun for all cyclists.

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Find the right saddle for you

Gender- and discipline-specific saddles for a pain-free ride

Men sit differently. Women too. When cycling, most of the body weight rests on the relatively small saddle area. This makes the seat area one of the most sensitive regions of the body. The right saddle helps to minimise discomfort and numbness. Ergon therefore offers a complete selection of gender-specific saddles that precisely meet the needs of the respective use. This means that all riders can find exactly the saddle that provides the best mix of comfort, freedom of movement and performance.

Ergon saddles
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The best for your hands

Ergon grips and handlebar tapes offer maximum relief and control

Many cyclists, whether recreational or professional, are familiar with the problem of numb or sore hands and wrists. With over 20 years of experience, intensive research and close cooperation with professionals from various disciplines, Ergon has developed ergonomic grips that effectively relieve problem areas in the hand and dampen vibrations. These ergonomic problem solvers cover the entire spectrum from comfort touring, gravel and E-MTB to the toughest gravity use.

Ergon grips & handlebar tapes
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Full speed ahead

Less pain, more performance – Ergon makes pedalling a pleasure

The force is transferred from the body to the bike at the pedals – this stress can quickly lead to discomfort if the posture is incorrect, such as a misaligned leg axis. Ergon offers cyclists a range of products that ensure that power reaches the road without causing pain. Whether touring pedals, pedal cleat tools or insoles, here you will find the right solution to ride noticeably better for longer.

Ergon Pedal