About us

We have been motivating people to cycle since 1907

At ROSE Bikes, we've been sharing your passion for cycling for more than 110 years, constantly motivated by our drive for innovation, employees who love their jobs and a invaluable wealth of experience. In all our actions on- and offline, we stand for expertise in cycling, lifestyle, design and high-end technology, but also and above all, we stand for what connects us all: Our love for bicycles.

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Where we’re from

Exploring ROSE history

Like most large companies, we started small, tried things out and constantly looked for new ways to grow and expand our expertise. First in retail, then mail order, later as a manufacturer and digital pioneer. Already at the end of the 90s the first ROSE Bikes webshop went online and since 2005 we’ve had our BIKETOWN in Bocholt. Since then, we have continued to expand our store network and are still growing in all other areas. Every single step has made us what we are today. A growing omnichannel retailer and passionate bicycle brand.

  • The beginning
    The beginning

    as Heinrich Rose's small bicycle shop. His son took over in 1932 and sold bicycles in the summer and sewing machines in the winter.

  • The first catalogue
    The first catalogue

    In the early 80's, Erwin Rose was one of the first Europeans to import Japanese bicycles. The start the mail order sales.

  • Red Bull
    Red Bull

    Erwin Rose expands the company, has new dispatch warehouses built and introduces the Canadian bike brand "Red Bull" in Germany.

  • ROSE Bikes
    ROSE Bikes

    Erwin Rose, Stefanie Rose and Thorsten Heckrath-Rose take a big step and launch their own bikes under the ROSE brand.

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Who we are

Versatility is everything:

Our loyal customers, employees and the campaigns they develop are as versatile as our range of bikes, parts and accessories. We don’t just refer to ourselves as one big family, we also act like one, and we add new members every day. We are now around 480 colleagues and despite our growth, we still retain the charm of a regional family business. Because that is what sets us apart and determines every single one of our actions.

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"ROSE Bikes is not just a workplace for our employees. I notice every day how passionate they are for bikes. For many, it combines work and free time. For me too. You don't get that kind of luck everywhere."

Thorsten Heckrath-Rose, Managing Partner at ROSE Bikes


Our philosophy

ROSE Bikes gets people on bikes

This is our main goal, which we have pursued with every step since 1907. Every action that brings us closer to this goal is fuelled by our corporate values. ROSE Bikes is regional, innovative, passionate and inspired. We love sports, our focus is always on customers and employees, and we place particular emphasis on sustainable actions. Together with our loyal community, we want to experience a change in transportation and turn the bicycle into the No. 1 commuter vehicle for short distances.

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Our promise

There is a perfect bike for everyone

We want to prove this to you with our large range across all bike categories. You have our word that we will do everything in our power to find you a safe bike, built & engineered in Bocholt, that convinces with the highest quality and 100% meets your design and technology needs. In addition, we promise you the best service and an unmatchable price-performance ratio.

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