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Service & Warranty


ROSE wants to ensure you are happy with all of our services: Whether you would like a bike repair, bike inspection, bike collection or an in-person consultation at one of our stores. 

How can I make a ROSE service appointment?

You can make a ROSE service appointment online using this link (only available on our German page) 

Where can I have my bike repaired/inspected? 

You have plenty of options: You can have your bike inspected/repaired in-person at a ROSE store. Alternatively you can register for your bike to be picked up and sent to us through a courier/shipping partner.  

What does it cost to have my bike picked up for an inspection or repair?  

We will pay the cost of pick-up to the transport carrier and then add the amount of 39,95 € to your final invoice after the repair or inspection. Please note however that you will need a bike box for shipping it back to us. If you do not have a suitable box available, we would be happy to have one sent to you. Please understand that we must charge a 19,95 € fee for the shipping box. You are also welcome to pick-up your bike at one of our stores after the inspection/repair. If you would prefer that it be sent back to you, we will add 39,95 € to your final invoice for the cost of shipping.

For warranty cases we will of course cover all shipping costs.  

Can I go to a different workshop for an inspection? 

That is of course also possible. But if something comes up that could affect the warranty, you need to have it processed by us directly. 

What is the process for dropping off my bike for an inspection or repair? 

Please book a hand-over appointment for your bicycle. Make sure to clean the bike thoroughly before bringing it to us. Our experts will meet with you to conduct a full analysis of your bike and then take it to the workshop. Your inspection or repair will generally not be completed the same day. We will contact you as soon as your bike is ready for pick-up again. Alternatively, you can take advantage of our convenient shipping service and have it sent to your house for just 25 €. 

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