What exactly are you looking for?


The Tracking Basics

There are a few basic tools every cyclist needs if they want to track their progress and average speed or simply estimate how much time they need for an after-work ride. Our entry-level bike computers offer many functions and allow targeted tracking of your rides - self-explanatory and easy to use.


Tracking on point

Want a bit more? Here you will find bike computers and accessories for every training level - ideally matched to your tracking priorities. With these devices you will always have all the information you need about you and your progress and thanks to the GPS function you always know where you are.


High-end Tracking

All that isn’t enough for you? We have equipment for real pros, so you benefit from even more precise training analyses, customizable route options and extra features for tracking your rides with the best connectivity to all your devices. Find your new favourite companions for all sorts of weather and every purpose - to optimise your training every single day.