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Accessories for MTB Goggles

Replacement Lenses, Tear-off Films and More

We offer accessories that match your MTB goggles perfectly. Our range includes spares for your 100%, FOX or O‘NEAL goggle. If you are not sure which spare part fits your goggle, please feel free to contact us. Our experts will be happy to help you!

Replacement lenses for MTB goggles

Your mountain bike goggle is subject to heavy wear and tear. Frequent contact with dirt, e.g. mud and dust, improper cleaning of the lens and stowing away your goggles next to your keys and phone in the backpack often leaves scratches on them. Fortunately, some manufacturers offer matching extra lenses for their goggles. In this way, you can easily swap them if your lens is damaged or if you wish another tint. 

Tear offs for MTB goggles – clear view in a split second

Stopping on a downhill course to clean your goggles? Not a good idea! That’s what tear-off visors or tear-off films (or simply tear offs) are made for. These plastic films are attached to special mounts on the lens of your MTB glasses. When using them, only the film gets filthy and not your goggles. The advantage? If you need to see clearly again, simply tear off the film! Super easy and very handy. The tear offs usually come in a kit consisting of 10 or 20 films fitting your goggle model.

Shop spare parts that match your MTB goggles by renowned manufacturers such as 100%, FOX and O’NEAL now!