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Sportswear and leisurewear for everyone
Since the foundation in 1924, the sporting goods manufacturer adidas has continuously further expanded its product range: That’s why cycling bib tights, jerseys, t-shirts, bike shorts, cycling trousers, gloves, arm, knee and leg warmers as well as socks are also part of the huge adidas cycling range.

adidas – special comfort on every track: cycling clothes
Whether it’s adidas cycling trousers, bib tights, cycling jersey, long-sleeved jerseys, socks or gloves: adidas clothes stand out for their practice-oriented design and features. According to adidas, it’s particularly the practiced credo “only the best for the athlete“ that is reflected in each product of the cycling range.

adidas – fascination with cycling
Apart from the long experience in-house, adidas relies on the close cooperation with different cycling teams when developing new collections. Those teams represent many aspects that make cycling so fascinating for adidas: the combination of competition with constantly new race formats. However, adidas’ cycling collection also aims at reflecting the enjoyment of cycling with like-minded people. Beside high technical standards for textiles, adidas attaches high importance to a lifestyle-oriented design. This combination should motivate more and more people to go out on the street and to live cycling.

That’s why the famous sports brand has developed a special cycling range that impresses with its design and its functionality. However, the brand is not only known for tradition and brand awareness, each product also stands out for high quality workmanship to meet the high quality requirements of the customers.