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Since its foundation in the 90s, the Vision brand has been synonymous with high-quality wheels that are specially designed for low drag in racing. The design, modern technologies, materials and production processes ensure bike components of outstanding quality so that you can perform at your best in the race.

Vision wheels – technology meets design
The close connection with sport and athletes is very important for Vision in order to be able to provide the most demanding customers with particularly high-quality bicycle parts. The investment in high quality, detailed product development and intensive testing ensure wheels that deliver what they promise. Recently, the focus has therefore been on technologies such as carbon, tubeless ready and improved braking performance thanks to laser-perforated sidewalls. Vision aims to become the market leader for aerodynamic wheels by continuously developing and improving its products.

Discover our range of wheelsets for race and triathlon bikes. You'll find everything you need for even more speed in the Vision store.