Motocross meets Mountainbike

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San Fernando Valley. Los Angeles. In the middle of the swinging sixties, Jim O'Neal and his buddies were enthusiastic motocross riders (MX) enjoying the thrill and speed of cross country biking. 
In order to make the road bikes available at that time more suitable for the terrain, Jim began creating new parts and making modifications - thereby becoming a pioneer of the relatively new MX scene. In 1970, he turned his hobby into a career and started his own company for motocross accessories. Jim's sons - Jim Jr. and Keith – have brought the same pioneering spirit to the field of mountain bikes in the 80's. The question that Jim O'Neal asked himself back in the day still motivates the company today: 
How can you ride even better on off-road terrain? At O'Neal, this question is asked again and again with a great deal of passion and enthusiasm for cycle sports. 
Your resilient gear for downhill, freeride and rough trails 
The right gear makes challenging trails really fun. How about bike shorts made from a non-abrasive and quick-drying material? Or a sweet downhill cycling shirt made from breathable and sweat-absorbing material? Elbow pads are naturally built into the item. Especially when you are in the sun it's important that you don't sweat excessively: That's why O'Neal offers full face helmets, knee and elbow protectors and full-finger gloves that provide good ventilation. The protectors are comfortable to wear. They combine a soft seat while riding and resilient defence against impacts from a fall. 
Function and design go hand-in-hand at O'Neal 
At O'Neal, working in close collaboration with athletes like Emma McFerran or Jakub Vencl, state-of-the-art technology is combined with practically applied materials while staying true to the key principles. The main principle is: Overcoming limits and ensuring even more riding pleasure through attention to details. 
And the beauty of it all: The pieces are produced by O'Neal in various designs. Simply choose your personal favourite.