Kool Stop

The specialist for bicycle brake pads

Czesci Rowerowe

Kool Stop is an international manufacturer and developer of disc pads, brake pads and brake shoes. The history of the bike accessories company goes back to 1977. This is when the company was founded in Oregon, USA. Today, the bike components expert is internationally known for their especially effective braking technology. The high-quality brake pads are used in all areas of the cycling industry. Kool Stop Europe is located in the Netherlands. The pads for all types of bicycle brakes are directly processed in the branches to ensure a perfectly adapted combination of the single brake elements on site. For Kool Stop, a production in accordance with the most recent standards in cycle racing and high quality standards are a matter of course.

Bike accessories by Kool Stop, the specialist for bicycle brake pads
All bicycle brake pads are developed and produced in accordance with high quality standards. Of course, the rims are also taken into consideration during the production of the components so that a rim-friendly use belongs to the standard. Kool Stop is specialised in the production of two different bicycle brake pads: pads for aluminium rims and pads for special rims. In case of aluminium rims, the manufacturer makes a difference between universal pads and special pads. The special pads are designed for use in extreme weather conditions for freestyle, trick or trial riding. Additional brake pads are offered for special rims like ceramic rims, carbon rims and Rigida CSS rims. For bicycle disc brakes, Kool Stop stocks disc pads.

Brake pads by Kool Stop – Perfect braking performance in extreme conditions
Kool Stop promises highest safety. Therefore, the brake pads only require a short breaking-in period to deliver full braking power. Such a fast reaction time is especially important for extreme rides and extreme cyclists. Whether downhill, trial, slalom or other cycling disciplines: the braking power, stability and durability convince every rider who opted for Kool Stop accessories. The disc pads are rotor-friendly and guarantee high braking power on all road surfaces and in all situations where you need to stop quickly. As the bike brake pads contain only a few metal parts, the braking distance is additionally improved. Thus, safe braking and short braking distances are guaranteed when using Kool Stop brake pads.