GIRO is leading in high-end equipment with a focus on bike helmets for cycling races, action sports and an active lifestyle. No other brand combines design, function and lifestyle as masterly as GIRO. Whether on the bike or in the snow, with GIRO style and performance always go hand in hand. GIRO is a vibrant brand that rethinks, reshapes, redefines and that creates extraordinary products at the same time. Convince yourself of the GIRO products now and choose your perfect helmet.
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Cooler, lighter, faster! The completely redesigned Aries™ Spherical is GIRO's best premium helmet ever. Its slimmer silhouette paired with lower weight offer sensational comfort and cooling. The Spherical Technology™, based on the ball joint principle powered by Mips®, offers additional safety by reducing rotational forces in certain impact scenarios. The helmet is perfect for any road bike or gravel ride - whether you are a professional, ambitious amateur or hobby athlete. From the proven reliability and flexibility of the Roc Loc® 5+ Air adjustment system to the solid underside protection and meticulous manufacturing quality, the Aries is the epitome of top performance, safety and style.

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It is the moment when we become one with our equipment. On the road bike, mountain bike, gravel or urban. When all blockades dissolve and we fully concentrate on the route. Anticipating the terrain, getting into the flow, taking the curve and finding the style. And also, when we linger in the car park or at our favourite spot after the tour. Laughing, hanging out, enjoying. These moments make sport the best part of our lives. That's why we love our equipment and are constantly dreaming of the next ride and the next challenge. GIRO mountain bike helmets put maximum safety, performance and style in the spotlight. See for yourself.