Pokrowce na rowery i torby rowerowe na odległe wycieczki na dwóch kółkach


B&W bike.cases & bags is a globally successful manufacturer of bicycle transport cases and bags allowing you to transport your road bike, triathlon bike and mountain bike safely and reliably from A to B. Modern manufacturing facilities guarantee an optimised production process. The bike.cases & bags are made from robust and hard-wearing materials and they are produced to very high quality standards.

If you're a professional cyclist travelling the world, you want your bike to arrive at its destination undamaged. You can find the right product range of bike.cases & bags from the manufacturer B&W. High quality and good workmanship in the production of bike.cases & bags are absolutely crucial for safe bike transport.

As a supplier, B&W provides various case models such as the bike.guard curv®, the ROSE Travel Box VI, the ROSE Touringcase or the ROSE Bike Bag. B&W luggage is a good choice for cyclists looking for functional accessories that won't let them down on short trips or long journeys.