Functional Bike Clothing for passionate Cyclists


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Cycle clothing for ambitious, active bikers and professional teams
ALÉ is a bike sports brand of the APG company, which specialises in producing jerseys, bib tights, bib shorts, soft shell jackets, thermal tights and a lot more. Since 1986 already APG produces high-tech sports clothing with the typically aerodynamic ALÉ style for cycling athletes and professional athletes. For the company located in Verona, the design is of equally high importance as the efficiency and the performance of the products. The aim is to guarantee high comfort and a weight as low as possible on long rides, so that the clothing supports the rider ideally and a high level of performance can be kept up

Research and technology for outstanding performance and pleasant wearing comfort
All products are designed and tested for aerodynamics in the company’s own laboratory. This is how APG and its young brand ALÉ want to guarantee the high standard of their jerseys, bib tights, bib shorts etc. and satisfy many active cyclists and pro teams. What’s more, ALÉ is also the technical sponsor of different cycling and triathlon pro teams. The pros, too, contribute to the further development of the products, especially through diverse development and on-road test phases. In this way, the Italian company wants to continue providing enthusiastic cyclists with attractive products in the future.