E-Bike Batteries

The battery is the heart of every electric bike and should be treated with care. We show you which battery is best for your needs and how to get the best life out of your battery with a few little tricks.

Which battery is best for me and my electric bike?

Every electric ROSE bike comes with a high-quality battery, which means that the number of watt hours alone makes the difference. Anything is possible: Capacities range from 250 Wh to 750 Wh, so you can decide which battery is best for you. Since battery range is dependent on factors like elevation, speed, tyre pressure and level of pedal assistance, it’s important to think about the intended use when buying an e-bike. However, it’s out of question that the most stylish way to position a battery on a bike is to integrate it into the down tube! This way, it’s hard to see whether you are sitting on a pedal-assisted bike or not at first glance.

BOSCH PowerTube 500 Wh & 750 Wh

Reliable long-distance champion in any terrain

  • Made for long distances
  • Integration: down tube
  • Removable? Yes
  • Charging time PowerTube 500: approx. 3 hours for 100% charge
  • Charging time PowerTube 750: approx. 6 hours for 100% charge
  • Compatible with Range Extender? Yes, with the DualBattery technology, you can connect two batteries

MAHLE B1-D Battery

A slim battery for sporty city rides

  • Perfect for city tours
  • 250 Wh
  • 100% integration, hidden in the down tube
  • Removable? No, it is charged while on the bike
  • Charging time: approx. 5 hours for 100% charge
  • Compatible with Range Extender? Yes, a second battery pack in water bottle format can recharge your integrated battery during the ride

SMP Battery TPS-001-50SD

A lightweight battery with strong performance

  • Compatible with Shimano drive systems
  • 360Wh
  • 30% lighter than comparable batteries
  • 100% integration, hidden in the down tube
  • Removable? No, it is charged while on the bike
  • Charging time: approx. 2-3 hours for 100% charge

How far can my e-bike go on a single battery charge?

The exact range depends on the watt-hours capacity, riding style, rider weight, assistance level and elevation gain. Thanks to the low overall weight of an electric ROSE bike and its high-quality components, we can confidently say: You will always have enough range when your lithium-ion battery is fully charged, provided you plan your tour according to the guidelines. The batteries of our e-bikes, for example, have a range of approx. 75 km for city rides or up to 140 km for tours. If you need a little more power on your next tour, you can also buy an additional battery pack (a so-called “Range Extender”) for many of our bike models, allowing you to cover twice the distance. You can even easily ride without assistance, if you want!

Charging port closed Charging port open

How do I extend the life of my battery?

Of course, factors such as headwind or elevation affect the range of your battery. However, there are a few little tricks that can help you get the best life out of your battery:

Shifting gears properly is the key. After all, your style of riding and proper shifting can have a big impact on your battery. Even though it’s possible to begin to pedal in high gear with the highest possible assistance, it makes your battery work hard. We therefore strongly recommend to shift down early and choose a lower level of assistance when range is getting low. If you generally select the correct assistance level at the right time, i.e. as much as needed and as little as possible, your battery will use its full capacity.

Tyres and their rolling resistance also play an important role in saving battery charge. Make sure tyre pressure is not too low and the tread pattern is appropriate for your style of riding, so as to not deliberately reduce the battery’s range.

Of course, the total weight is also decisive for your range. So, unless you're travelling, you can save on luggage for a longer battery life.

As with any other battery, please only use the original charger from your bike and try to protect your battery pack from extreme heat or cold. This is what our battery cover is designed for.

You alone decide which e-bike battery is right for you. Depending on the intended use and your personal needs, electric ROSE bikes offer lots of power for longer tours or sufficient range for shorter distances and sporty, slim bikes.. 

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