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What payment methods are accepted at ROSE?


Do you wish to pay in advance via bank transfer?

A payment via bank transfer is possible for most countries. After your order enters our system, you will receive an email with payment details if you selected payment via bank transfer.
Your order will be shipped once we receive your payment. Please note that we can only reserve the products for 14 days while awaiting your payment.
Please transfer the invoice amount, with the inclusion of your customer and order number as the payment reference, to the following account:


Stadtsparkasse Bocholt

IBAN: DE 02 4285 0035 0000 1352 51

Swift/BIC: WELADED1BOH Markt 8

46399 Bocholt


Please make separate transactions for each order.

Making a payment via PayPal?

No problem. If you choose to pay via PayPal you will be redirected to PayPal to complete your order.
If you already have a PayPal account, you can log in with your account data to confirm the payment
You want to create a new PayPal account? You can either choose the guest payment option or create a PayPal account to confirm the payment.

It only takes a few minutes for the payment to clear into our account, so that we can process your order straight away.

Why is PayPal not a payment option for my order?

We only offer the option of paying via PayPal for products available for immediate dispatch. If one or more items that you wish to order are currently not in stock, you cannot pay by PayPal.

Credit card payment

Paying via credit card is easy and secure. Please note that your card needs to be activated for 3D Secure (authentication process through your bank).
If you are not yet registered for 3D-Secure, you will automatically be sent to the registration page.
The amount is reserved and will only be debited upon dispatch.


You can find more information about leasing a company bike from ROSE on our German-language page

What payment methods are accepted at the stores?

  • Credit card (Mastercard/Visa)
  • Debit card (EC)
  • Cash
  • Mobile payment options (Apple Pay & Google Pay)


What do I need to do if I receive a payment reminder?

Please check whether you have already made a payment and otherwise transfer the open balance listed in the reminder according to the instructions.
Once we receive the payment the matter will be closed. If you have already made a transfer, then you are welcome to send us proof of payment via email, so that we can close the matter.

How do I get a copy of the invoice?

Just call us or send an email. We will send you a copy of the requested invoice.Do I have to pay VAT (MwSt.) for orders shipped outside of Germany? For deliveries to EU countries we are required to charge 19% VAT (or 7% for foodstuffs) where applicable. The VAT is included in the prices quoted on our website. If you are a company ordering from within the EU, we do not offer VAT-free invoicing as we are a B2B company and not a wholesaler. We do not offer intra-community deliveries for companies in the EU.

However, for deliveries to non-EU countries, the order is exempt from VAT. So if both the billing address and the delivery address are outside the EU, the VAT will be deducted before we ship the order. Please note, however, that during checkout you will see the VAT included in the price. Only once the order is invoiced in our system will the VAT be removed. For credit card payment your card will initially have a reservation for the full amount, but when we charge the card at shipping it will be with the adjusted price. For bank transfers, wait for the 2nd automatic email with the corrected payment amount.  


Intra-community delivery

As we usually only supply private individuals, we also charge the VAT of the respective country as provided for and reported via the OSS system. We do not process deliveries to foreign entrepreneurs with ID numbers but instead reject them in advance as they are technically too complex and involve a high administrative effort. Unfortunately, we therefore cannot offer tax-free intra-community deliveries.   

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