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Bicycle forks for MTBs, road bikes, fitness and touring bikes

Rigid forks and suspension forks for MTBs, ATBs and road bikes

This is where you find high-quality bicycle forks made of different materials. The wheel fork is mounted on the bicycle in order to hold the front wheel and it is connected to the bicycle frame in a movable way via the steering head bearing. Therefore, it noticeably affects the stability and comfort of the bicycle. In general, a distinction is made between the classic rigid fork and the suspension fork.

Rigid forks are mainly installed on road bikes, but also on city and trekking bikes. They are considerably lighter than suspension forks and provide direct feedback from the road. In the field of road bikes, users often resort to carbon forks. They cushion vibration appreciably and they are also lighter. However, you'll also be able to find classic aluminium forks and steel forks in our range.

Those who want more comfort and cushioning or often ride across country with ATB / mountain bikes often resort to suspension forks. Forks are equipped with shock absorbers and depending on the design, they allow for specific suspension. The rougher the terrain when cycling, the greater the suspension should be.