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Bicycle drivetrain systems for MTBs, ATBs, road bikes, city and touring bikes

Derailleurs and mech, shifters and accessories

Depending on the intended field of use, road bikes, mountain bikes, trekking and city bikes place different demands on a shifting system – yet it represents the core of every bike. The shifting mechanism should offer fast and safe as well as precise, silent and frictionless shifting processes. In this way, the athlete can always enjoy best power transfer – whatever the situation.

A bicycle gear change mechanism does not only consist of the “mech”, the rear derailleur, but of a whole range of components you can find in our web shop, ranging from a derailleur hanger via shift levers and a front derailleur through to shift cables. If you want to make sure all components are compatible with each other, we recommend you to only use parts of the same group from the same manufacturer.

In the category accessories, you can find derailleur pulleys, front derailleur clamps, shift cables and replacement parts for Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM groupsets.