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SHIMANO M70T3 V-brake brake shoes

· LX/Deore quality · 2 pieces


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ROSE WCR Triple Compound V-brake brake shoes

These ROSE triple compound brake shoes for V-brakes reduce squeaking and work perfectly in wet conditions due to a built-in central water channel. The...

zamiast 13,90 € 12,90 

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ROSE V-brake brake shoes

ROSE brake pads for V-brakes, compatible with Shimano LX, Alivio and Deore. · 2 pieces


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ROSE Triple Compound SCS V-brake brake shoes

The 3 different rubber compounds are suitable for every area of use. In addition there is less impact on the rim surface. · brake pads replaceable (i...


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Kool Stop V-brake pads

The V-type brake pads by Kool Stop develop high braking power with low wear. The bent tip removes dirt and water from the rim and provides thus optimu...

zamiast 7,00 € 5,90 

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SHIMANO XT BR-M770 V-brake brake shoes

· brake pads can be individually replaced · 2 pieces


Kool Stop Dual Compound Cartridge brake pads V-brake

Those looking for universal replacement brake pads for their V-brake will be on the safe side with the Kool Stop Dual Compound for use in any weather....

Kolor: Dual Compound

Dual Compound
zamiast 8,95 € 7,95 

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SHIMANO XTR/XT/LX 580/LX-T 660 S 70C brake blocks

Special brake lining to prevent that annoying squeal with V brakes. Compatible with all V brake shoes for replaceable brake blocks. · 4 pieces

zamiast 5,90 € 4,95 

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ROSE Triple Compound SCS brake pads

ROSE replaceable pads for item no. 983310, also suitable for Shimano XTR/XT/LX 580/ LX-T 660. · 2 pieces


ROSE Ajust V-brake shoes Light MTB

Even in difficult conditions, the Adjust MTB V-brake shoes by ROSE offer great breaking power and modulation. Whether abrupt braking manoeuvres or sli...

Kolor: schwarz


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SHIMANO M70R2 brake pads

V-brake brake pads, compatible with all V-brake brake shoes for exchangeable pads, e.g. BR-M970/960/951/T780/770/760/ 750/T670/T660/T610/590/580/510/4...

zamiast 3,50 € 2,95 

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ROSE WCR Quad V-brakes brake shoes

ROSE WCR Quad brake pads are divided into 4 areas - guaranteed to bring the bike to a stop! The "Max Brake" section supplements the well-known functio...


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Xtreme V-brake brake shoes

V-brake brake shoes · brake pads replaceable · 2 pieces


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Kool Stop Thinline V-brake brake shoes

Maximum braking power for V-brakes. · for aluminium rims · 2 pieces

zamiast 10,95 € 8,90 

ROSE V-brake brake pads

V-brake brake pads for Shimano XTR/XT or similar brake shoes. · 2 pieces

Kolor: schwarz


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SHIMANO S 70C brake pads

Special brake pads put a stop to irritating squeaking in V-brakes. Compatible with all V-brake brake shoes for exchangeable pads. · 2 pieces

product.price.old.uvp.prefix 7,95 € 5,95 

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Kool Stop Cross Pad for V-brake, brake shoes

A rim-friendly rubber compound transfers 100% of the braking power onto the rim, even in dangerous situations. · replaceable brake pads · light Dura...

zamiast 19,95 € 17,95 

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Xtreme WCR Triple Compound brake pads

Replacement pads for Xtreme Triple Compound brake shoes · 2 pieces


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Xtreme WCR Quad brake pads

Replacement pads for Xtreme WCR Quad brake shoes (item. no. 811965) · 2 pieces


SHIMANO BR-CX50 brake shoes

· R50T2 brake shoes for cross cantilever brake caliper BR-CX50 (item no.: 1775536) · angle-adjustable · 2 pieces

product.price.old.uvp.prefix 7,50 € 5,95 

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