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    SQlab 611 Ergowave TiTube MTB saddle

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    SQlab 611 Ergowave TiTube MTB saddle 12cm

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    SQlab 611 Ergowave mountain bike saddle with a raised rear and a wave-like shape for a sporty riding position on a road bike or MTB.

    The 611 Ergowave saddle is especially designed for off-road use and to meet the requirements of all-mountain and enduro cyclists. Thanks to its wave-like shape and a raised rear part, the saddle offers a perfect hold and best pressure distribution. The wave-like shape of the saddle perfectly adapts to the ischium so that you do not have to get into a n exhausting protective position. This significantly improves power transfer to the pedals. In combination with a recess in the centre of the saddle, a lower nose offers more space for the perineal area. For even better pressure relief, e.g. on long climbs in hilly terrain, the saddle nose of the 611 Ergowave is approx. 4 mm wider compared to the 612 Ergowave. The cushioning material is especially designed for MTBs and offers even better shock absorption in rough terrain compared to 612 Ergowave models. A high-quality kevlar cover protects sensitive areas.
    · Weight: approx. 200 g (12 cm)
    · Length: 280 mm
    · Springs: elastomer in three different hardness levels (soft, medium, hard - included)
    · Struts: TiTube Alloy
    · Padding: Superlight Foam*
    · Cover: C84* / Kevlar*
    · Manufacturer's ref. width: 12 (1882), 13 (1883), 14 (1884) oder 15 cm (1885)

    *Superlight Foam:
    Thanks to a large-volume lattice structure, the Superlight Foam has a large number of closed air chambers. This results in a spring characteristics curve that achieves high comfort values for thin layers that can usually only be achieved in thickly padded saddles otherwise. Thanks to a high content of air, the specific weight is nevertheless extremely low. The pad will even stay tight when subject to high stresses. A closed structure prevents water from penetraing.

    *C84 is a synthetic fibre cover – abrasion-proof, light, skin-friendly, breathable and robust

    *Kevlar is an extremey lightweight and durable fabric that is perfectly suitable to protect the areas of the saddle that are exposed to friction, e.g. the edges, from abrasion.

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    SQlab 611 Ergowave TiTube MTB saddle

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