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    SKS Airboy CO2 mini pump

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    SKS Germany

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    SKS Airboy CO2 mini pump

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    The Airboy CO2 offers you two products in one model! It combines the classic mini pump with a compact CO2 cartridge pump. You can choose freely anytime - either inflate your tyres manually or fill them fast with a CO2 cartridge. The rotatable dosing feeder helps you find the ideal pressure. A special feature: the reversible head, which is suitable for all Presta, Dunlop and Schrader valves. A modern mini pump which can be attached conveniently under or instead of the bottle cage.
    · pumping performance: 5 Bar/73 PSI (with CO2 cartridge up to 7,5 Bar/108PSI, depending on the tyre type)
    · weight: approx. 140 g
    · length: approx. 207 mm
    · material: aluminium/plastic
    · incl. 2-point pump holder 11248, also separately available with item no. 2095172, e.g. for a 2nd bike
    · incl. 1x 16g CO2 cartridge with thread (24g cartridges also fit)
    · manufacturer no. 11237

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    SKS Airboy CO2 mini pump 2
    od w8MYm8
    (napisane na 25.08.2016) 2016-08-25
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    I did not like this pump that much. You need to pump really hard to inflate a road tyre (700*20C Continental GP4000 SII with Continental inner tube) even to 5-6 bars - and while doing this the valve can be damaged due to the movements to the left and to the right. If someone can hold the valve for you while pumping, do not hesitate to ask help from him / her. The CO2 inflator part is leaking a little bit, make sure to pause the inflation every ~4-5 seconds to avoid ice on the valve and too high pressure in the pump. If you just let CO2 to flow, the pump will "kick back" and you can`t even stop the Co2 from flowing. Do not fix that with powertape as the whole pump can brake because of the pressure (happened with mine unfortunately - but that`s my fault). I prefer having a Co2 inflator with a trigger, so I ordered such an inflator instead.
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    SKS Airboy CO2 mini pump

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