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Ottolock Cinch Lock

Light, compact and easy to use – that’s the OTTOLOCK combination lock for all sport and leisure activities. The lock is designed for short-stop securi...


ABUS Combiflex 2503/120 Roll-Back cable lock

The ABUS Combiflex 2503/120 Roll-Back cable lock offers reliable security in pocket size format. The 120 cm long lock weighs a mere 92 g and comes wit...

Kolor: schwarz

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Hiplok Z-Lok Combo steel core cable tie combination lock

Instead of a key, the Z-Lok Combo works with an adjustable nummerical code to secure your belongings. This means you don’t have to take along a key fo...

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ABUS Granit Steel-O-Flex X-Plus 1025/120 cable lock

Armoured and yet flexible – the cable lock ABUS Granit Steel-O-Flex X-Plus 1025 reliably secures your bike at any time. The Steel-O-Flex technology of...

Kolor: schwarz

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ABUS Phantom 8960 TexFL armoured cable lock

With the flexible armoured cable lock Phantom 8960 with a length of 110 cm helps protect your bike from theft, e.g. by securing it to a fixed object....

Kolor: schwarz

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ABUS Cobra 12/120 loop cable

The loop cable ABUS Cobra is a perfect complement to your ABUS folding or frame lock. You can simply use this 120 cm long cable to extend your existin...

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Hiplok Z-Lok steel core cable tie lock 2-pack

Looks like an oversized zip tie, but is actually a reusable, robust zip style tie that offers additional protection for your bike. The Hiplok Z-Lok st...

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ABUS Phantom 8960 TexFL Twinsetarmoured cable lock

The armoured cable lock Twinset ABUS Phantom 8960 TexFL offers double protection – it comes with no less than two keyed alike locks. This makes it eas...

Kolor: schwarz

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ABUS Abus Tresor 6415C cable lock

Secure your second bike with the ABUS Tresor 6415C cable lock. The 15 mm thick lock with PVC coating to protect your bike's paintwork comes with an in...

Kolor: schwarz

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ABUS Abus Combiflex 2502 Roll-Back Cable Lock

The roll-back cable lock ABUS Combiflex 2502/85 is compact and handy and yet effectively secures your stuff. With a length of approx. 85 cm, the appro...

Kolor: schwarz

product.price.old.uvp.prefix 17,95 € 12,25 

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ABUS Raydo Pro 1460 TexKF cable lock

Discreet but effective – the cable lock ABUS Raydo 1460 offers perfect protection in areas of medium theft risk. Hardened steel sleeves protect the in...

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ROSE KS 90 combination lock

Small and practical - the wire of the Rose combination lock is approx. 90 cm long and can be used to secure your backpack, helmet etc. easily. · adjus...

Kolor: schw/transp.

zamiast 9,95 € 8,95 

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ABUS Cobra 8/200 loop cable

The 200 cm long loop cable ABUS Cobra is perfectly suitable to secure wheels or several bikes. Thanks to two loop ends, you can also comfortably use t...

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Hiplok Z-Lok Single steel core security tie

Whenever you need to fix and secure things against unauthorised use, the colourful Z-Lok cable tie lock will be a practical help. It looks like an ove...

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Kryptonite Keeper 512 Combo Cable lock

· 5 mm x 120 cm braided cable · Four-digit combination of numbers · Flexible, weatherproof vinyl cover to protect from damages · Security level: 1 (of...

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Kryptonite Kryptoflex 1218 Combo Cable lock

· 12 mm x 180 cm braided cable · Four-digit, freely selectable combination · Flexible, weatherproof vinyl cover to protect from damages · Security lev...

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AXA Roll combination lock

The AXA Roll combination lock stands out for its compact size and easy handling. Quickly secure your cycle helmet, panniers or travel bags. Details:...

Kolor: schwarz

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Xtreme multi lock cable

Whether you would like to secure the wheels or fix the bike to a street light etc. - this cable provides optimal theft protection in combination with...


Kryptonite Kryptoflex 815 Combo Cable lock

· 8 mm x 150 cm braided cable · Four-digit, freely selectable combination · Flexible, weatherproof vinyl cover to protect from damages · Security leve...

product.price.old.uvp.prefix 12,99 € 8,95 

Kryptonite Kryptoflex 1218 Key Cable lock

· 12 mm x 180 cm braided cable · Flexible, weatherproof vinyl cover to protect from damages · Security level: 2 (of 10 of Kryptonite's classification...

product.price.old.uvp.prefix 29,99 € 15,95