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ultraSPORTS ultraPROTECT field horsetail

ultraSPORTS ultraPROTECT field horsetail contains silicic acid. Directions for use: Stir 1 teaspoon per day into a glass of water/water mixed with ju...

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ultraSPORTS ultraPROTECT nutrition pack

Das ultraSPORTS ultraPROTECT nutrition pack contains: 1x 100 ml Field Horsetail, item no. 353755 2x 90 Chonsamin capsules, item no. 453004 1x 380 g K...

product.price.old.uvp.prefix 79,00 € 67,95 

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ultraSPORTS ultraBASE ginger extract

100 ml of the ultraBASE ginger extract contain approx. 1,3 kg of fresh ginger. Ginger can help strengthen your immune system and reduce inflammation....

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PowerBar Gel Shots fruit gums

- The alternative to Power Gel - PowerBar fruit gums filled with liquid for supplying carbohydrate. The recloseable bag is ideal for on the go and ca...

Dostępny w kilku wersjach
product.price.old.uvp.prefix 1,49 € 1,09  Podstawowa cena: 1,82 € / 100g

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AMFORMULA Vital & Diet meal replacement

The AMFORMULA Vital & Diet meal replacement offers the perfect basis for weight control. A huge choice of sweet and savoury flavours offers variety fo...

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product.price.old.uvp.prefix 22,90 € 18,95  Podstawowa cena: 38,67 € / kg

ultraSPORTS ultraProtect Kollatin

ultraSPORTS ultraPROTECT Kollatin contains collagen hydrolysate and vitamin C which contributes to a normal collagen buildup and supports the buildup...

Wariant: Wildberry

product.price.old.uvp.prefix 24,90 € 19,95  Podstawowa cena: 52,50 € / kg

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SaltStick caps salt and mineral capsules

Food supplement with salt, minerals and vitamin D3 for use during sports and heavy physical work involving heavy perspiration. When sweating heavily,...

od13,95  Podstawowa cena: 42,27 € / 100g

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PowerBar PowerGel Smoothie Fruit Puree

PowerGel SMOOTHIES are made from at least 65% fruits and contain C2MAX, a developed combination of carbohydrates with a 2:1 ratio of glucose to fructo...

Dostępny w kilku wersjach
product.price.old.uvp.prefix 1,99 € 1,49  Podstawowa cena: 1,66 € / 100g

Isostar Set with running bag

All-in, please! With this 17-piece set consisting of products from the nutrition expert Isostar, you have everything you need before, during and after...

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ultraSPORTS ultraGEL-Chip

Is absorbed directly by the mucous membrane of your mouth. Suggested usage: Bite the gel chip into 2 pieces and allow it to dissolve for 3 - 8 minutes...

Wariant: Guarana/Cola

product.price.old.uvp.prefix 4,40 € 3,80  Podstawowa cena: 6,33 € / 100g

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Xenofit Xenofit® Magnesium direct Stixx

This direct granulate for consumption without liquid is a quick and practical alternative to mineral drinks. One Stixx contains 150 mg magnesium from...

Wariant: Citrus

product.price.old.uvp.prefix 10,90 € 6,95  Podstawowa cena: 14,18 € / 100g

Got7 Protein Chips

These spicy, crispy crisps have a protein content of 40% - a tasty protein snack to snack on after sports or when sitting on the couch in front of the...

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product.price.old.uvp.prefix 1,95 € 1,79  Podstawowa cena: 3,58 € / 100g

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gutting Pfalz Nudel biker pasta

The ultimate gift idea for bike enthusiasts! "Bike Pasta" not only looks delicious but also represent an important carbohydrate source for athletes af...

zamiast 4,95 € 3,95  Podstawowa cena: 7,90 € / kg

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Squeezy Fruti Gum, 50 g

Squeezy fruit gums with carbohydrates for athletes (predominantly maltodextrine) · Free from gluten and lactose Gel innovations - for 27 years! Made...

product.price.old.uvp.prefix 1,39 € 0,95  Podstawowa cena: 1,90 € / 100g

Isostar 2+1 Set Fruit Boost jellies

Isostar Fruit Boost jellies - avaiable in a set for a short time only. Buy 2 packages and get 3. The alternative to gel or bars. Isostar Fruit Boost...

Wariant: Erdbeere+Koffein

product.price.old.uvp.prefix 8,85 € 5,90  Podstawowa cena: 19,67 € / kg

BRIX Banana Bunker

The Banana Bunker protects your banana and the contents of your bag or suitcase. Thanks to its flexible middle part, the Bunker adapts to the banana’s...

Kolor: transparent


Isostar Fruit Boost jelly cubes

The alternative to gel or bars. Isostar Fruit Boost jelly cubes contain selected carbohydrates from fruits and sugars. Added B vitamins support metab...

Wariant: Erdbeere+Koffein

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Mulebar Silicon Flask Duo Tonic 60ml

When running or climbing outside in nature, it’s important to save as much weight as possible and to choose lightweight and compact gear. With the Mul...

Kolor: transparent

product.price.old.uvp.prefix 6,99 € 5,90  Podstawowa cena: 9,83 € / 100ml

AMSport BasicH+ basic mineral powder

AMSport BasicH+ supplies your body with basic minerals and thus helps to neutralize excess acids. The most common reasons for the over-acidification o...

Wariant: Orange-Zitrus-Johannisbeere

14,90  Podstawowa cena: 49,67 € / kg

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Squeezy start number belt for up to 8 gels

The Squeezy start number belt is a practical solution to take along up to 8 Squeezy Energy Gel sachets à 33 g (item no. 1990232) or similar products....

Kolor: schwarz

product.price.old.uvp.prefix 7,70 € 6,50