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Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Care Kit

This cleaning kit contains everything you need to take major action in terms of bike care: In a first step, you simply leave the Bike Cleaner to reac...

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Muc-Off 8 in 1 Bicycle Cleaning Kit

Consists of: bucket with lid (can be used as wash box), Bike Cleaner 1 l (item no. 1403310), Bike Spray 500 ml (item no. 1403329), sponge, soft washin...

product.price.old.uvp.prefix 49,99 € 34,95 

Muc-Off Bike Cleaner set offer 1 litre + 5 litre bottle

By means of nanotechnology, the Bike Cleaner penetrates smallest gaps. It dissolves effectively dirt, grease, oil and even dried stains on frame and a...

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Muc-Off Drivetrain Cleaner

The cleaner for the complete drivetrain! No matter whether you want to clean your chainrings or cassettes: The Muc-Off Drivetrain Cleaner ensures a cl...

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Muc-Off Bike Cleaner

By means of nanotechnology, the Bike Cleaner penetrates smallest gaps. It dissolves effectively dirt, grease, oil and even dried stains on frame and a...

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Muc-Off X3 Dirty Chain Machine

Makes every bike chain shine again. In just a few seconds. Simply spray the cleaner on the chain or into the upper reservoir of the device. By pushing...

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Muc-Off C3 Ceramic Dry Lube chain lubricant

Lubricating the chain is an important factor when it comes to bike care. It helps to reduce wear and to increase the overall performance as well as th...

product.price.old.uvp.prefix 14,99 € od9,95  Podstawowa cena: 19,90 € / 100ml

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Muc-Off Wash Protect and Lube cleaning kit

The Wash, Protect and Lube cleaning kit by Muc-Off offers everything you need for bicycle care. The kit includes cleaner, lubricant and chain oil and...

product.price.old.uvp.prefix 19,99 € 13,95  Podstawowa cena: 9,62 € / l

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Muc-Off Muc Off 5 x Premium Brush Kit

High-quality brush kit for the whole bike. With nylon bristles and rubberised handle that won’t slip in extreme conditions. · Soft Washing Brush e.g....

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Muc-Off Bike Cleaner & Bike Spray Value Duo Pack

Clean your bike first, then add some protection: In order to combine these two processes effectively and immediately, there is now the Value Duo Pack...

product.price.old.uvp.prefix 21,99 € 16,95  Podstawowa cena: 11,30 € / l

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Muc-Off Mechanics Gloves

These resistant mechanics gloves are perfect for anyone working on a bicycle and offer protection against most cuts and scratches. Besides, they keep...

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Muc-Off Chain Cleaner

This high-performance cleaner dissolves even tough dirt on chains, thanks to its special composition. Removes oil, grease and dirt. · Biodegradable ·...

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Muc-Off Chain Doc chain cleaning device

Chain cleaning with minimal effort - clean and fast. The chain cleaning device is combined with the exchangeable spray can in a way that lets you oper...

product.price.old.uvp.prefix 34,99 € 24,95 

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Muc-Off 3x Brush Set

Easy and comfortable cleaning! This practical brush kit makes your bike frame, hub, chain and other components shiny again in no time, while caring fo...

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Muc-Off Matt Finish Detailer protectant and quick detailing spray

Muc-Off Matt Finish Detailer has been developed for preservation of matt surfaces. The special formula leaves a non-sticky and gloss-free protective f...

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Muc-Off Workshop Mat

How would you like to be able to maintain and clean your bike everywhere? This foldable workshop mat makes it unnecessary to move into the garage. The...

zamiast 11,95 € 9,95 

Muc-Off neoprene protective cover for disc brakes

The Muc-Off protective cover shields the brake discs during bicycle cleaning, care and transport so that you can rely on full braking power in critica...


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Muc-Off Disc Brake Cleaner

Rapidly and effectively removes brake dust, oil, dirt and grease from brake discs and pads. At the same time it thus improves brake performance and ex...

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Muc-Off Bike Protect

For Bike Protect, Muc-Off has developed a special formula which keeps your bike well maintained and clean after cleaning. Added teflon lets dirt roll...

product.price.old.uvp.prefix 13,99 € 9,95  Podstawowa cena: 19,90 € / l

Muc-Off Team Sky Hydrodynamic Lube chain lubricant

The Hydrodynamic Lube chain lubricant developed by Muc-Off in close cooperation with the Sky Team primarily impresses with its efficiency and a long-l...

product.price.old.uvp.prefix 24,99 € 15,95  Podstawowa cena: 31,90 € / 100ml

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