•  50,000 artykułów dostępnych do natychmiastowej wysyłki.
  •  Darmowy zwrot (dla wszystkich krajów w EU)
  •  Indywidualna porada przy zakupie roweru
  •  Możliwość zwrotu do 30 dni.
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Profile FC35 hydration system

Sufficient hydration belongs to the most important things, during training as well as in competitions. The Profile FC 35 hydration system supports you...

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Profile FC25 hydration system

For refreshment on the go. As a great fluid balance is of significantly high importance during training and competitions, the Profile FC25 hydration s...

Kolor: white

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deuter STREAMER hydration bladder

Regular drinking during physical activities helps you keep going for longer. Deuter hydration systems allow for a continuous liquid supply, without yo...

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Profile Aero HC hydration system

The Profile Aero HC hydration system provides a flow of liquid without you having to reach down to the bottom tube, saving you crucial seconds. The bo...

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CamelBak CRUX 3L RESERVOIR hydration bladder

The CRUX 3L RESERVOIR hydration bladder by CAMELBAK stands out for a smooth liquid flow and easy filling. You can even comfortably drink while riding...

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ERGON BH300 hydration bladder

3 litre hydration system for bike backpacks; hygienic polyurethane; robust material; full-length, large opening with slide closure allows easy filling...

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CamelBak CRUX 2L RESERVOIR hydration bladder

The CRUX 2L RESERVOIR hydration bladder by CAMELBAK makes drinking on your tour even easier. Easy to fill, shape-retaining and a smooth liquid flow –...

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The HYDRATION BLADDER by evoc is available with a volume of 2 litres or 3 litres. The reservoir is neutral in taste and helps you stay well hydrated d...

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Profile Aerodrink Bracket for hydration systems

Your best domestique. The Aerodrink Bracket is compatible with all Profile hydration systems and offers refreshment for on the go. Its design allows f...

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Profile Aerodrink hydration system

Hydration system which is mounted at the aerobar and allows drinking in every racing situation. Thanks to its membrane closure, the drinks bottle can...

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Profile RZ2 bottle system

Aerodynamics down to the last detail. If you want to make up a few more seconds, it won't make sense to use an aerodynamic frame tube when mounting s...

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Source Convertube drinking tube

Multifunctional drinking tube system that turns your PET bottle into a fully functional hydration system for bottle cage, hydration belt or backpack i...

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Profile replacement bottle for Aero HC hydration system

Replacement bottle for the Profile Aero HC hydration system (item no. 1906747) • Incl. drinking straw and bottle holder • Volume: approx. 830 ml

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When you have "bitten through" your old mouthpiece. • functional valve for easy handling • no dropping • easy drinking • easy to clean

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ERGON BH150 hydration bladder

Suitable for the comfortable Ergon BE backpacks (item no.: 2085078 and 2085120). You don't need to use a drinks bottle anymore with the BH150 hydratio...

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deuter STREAMER Thermo Bag 3.0

Thanks to a coated thermal material, the Thermo Bag keeps your drinks pleasantly warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer. Thanks to a volume of 3...


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The CRUX RESERVOIR dryer by CAMELBAK allows you to hang your hydration bladder upside down to let it dry quickly. Details: • Suitable for all reservo...

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Xtreme brush kit

Consists of a tube brush and a hydration bladder/bottle brush. There is nothing more important than a hygienically clean reservoir. Should the reservo...


Elite Buta hydration system

This aerodynamic kit consists of a drinks bottle and a bottle cage. The holder is fixed to the extensions of your aero bike with four loops and secure...

Kolor: schwarz/weiß

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CamelBak RESERVOIR Cleaning Brush Kit

Thanks to the RESERVOIR cleaning brush kit by CAMELBAK, you can easily clean your hydration bladder. The brushes are designed to perfectly fit into hy...

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