High quality and innovative design with a special focus on the topic of safety

KASK is an Italian company, which produces innovative helmets for demanding athletes and combines them with a distinct design. Founded in the year 2004 only, KASK has managed to assert itself on the European market with a team of experienced engineers and a number of partnerships with leading companies. The credo of the Italian company is the search for a perfect balance between technical progression, functionality, safety and attractive design. In order to achieve these high standards, the development, production and quality check all take place in Italy. KASK also gain experience from developing helmets for mountain climbing and safety helmets for the construction industry. Every new development has the goal optimizing the ratio between stability and weight. The use of innovative production processes, as well as a multitude of innovations, have already been rewarded with international awards, such as the ISPO Award and the Eurobike Award. Despite their uncompromising design, KASK helmets offer very high wearing comfort; generous vents ensure optimum ventilation in racing conditions, the shape was developed in the wind tunnel and limits drag to a minimum with every head position. Professional road bike teams trust in the helmets of the KASK company, too. This can be attributed to the fact that KASK is an innovative company with a technology-based product line, which comes up to the needs of cyclists in every respect. Only high-quality materials are used and KASK continuously try to optimize their products even further.

Innovative, secure and chic – the helmets by KASK come up to the highest demands of cyclists.

KASK was founded in 2004. The company has specialised in helmets and has the highest competencies in this field. Not only cyclists choose KASK helmets for their sports – they are also very popular for skiing, alpine sports and horse riding. All of these helmets stand for KASK’s mission to bring to market products that offer new technologies, maximum functionality, high wearing comfort, very good safety and attractive Italian design.

Octo Fit rear fitting system

The Octo Fit rear fitting system by KASK is ergonomic and lightweight. It has a wide range of adjustment to fit all head shapes and sizes in complete comfort. Moreover, skeletal brackets of the cradle have been designed and refined to provide the best fit and support. The Octo Fit system can be easily adjusted with a rubberised micro dial.

Made in Italy

The ergonomically perfect helmets by KASK, which are exclusively produced in Italy, are designed to meet the requirements of top athletes around the globe. They guarantee the wearer unmatched comfort, even in adverse conditions.