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Rock Shox Reverb 1x Remote Upgrade Kit for seatposts from model year 2013

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The ergonomic update for your Rock Shox Reverb or Rock Shox Reverb Stealth Vario seatpost from model year 2013!
The high-quality Reverb 1x handlebar remote for hydraulic control of the popular telescopic seatpost was specially developed for demanding pilots of single drivetrains. By leaving out the derailleur shift lever, the ideal mounting position for the remote lever is created. Revised ergonomics, a significantly larger contact surface and the longer lever reduce the effort and clearly facilitate the operation of the seatpost.
Compatible with MatchMaker X (MMX) and offering two different mounting positions for perfect adjustment to the individual hand size. Moreover, the Reverb 1x Remote naturally also allows for infinite adjustment of the extension speed. What’s more, the bleeding process was optimised thanks to the Bleeding Edge™ technology. This technology is already used for hydraulic SRAM disc brakes and makes sure that not a single drop of hydraulic fluid gets lost.

• Special upgrade lever for single drivetrains
• To be mounted instead of the derailleur shift lever (left side under the handlebar)
• Easy installation and bleeding thanks to Bleeding Edge™ technology
• Adjustable extension speed (T25)
• Compatible with MatchMaker X (MMX)

• Compatible with all Rock Shox Reverb seatposts from 2013 (A1 – B2)
• Material: aluminium, plastic
• Weight: approx. 69 g

In the box:
• 1x Rock Shox Reverb 1x Remote lever for left / bottom
• 1x MatchMaker X clamp (MMX)
• 1x standard clamp (discrete clamp)
• 1x Bleeding Edge Tool


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Bleeding Edge™

The Bleeding Edge™ technology makes bleeding brakes a quick and easy affair. Fluid path and bleed porting are designed to make it easier to push fluid through the brake caliper. A special bleed adapter plugs into the bleed port and seals the system to minimize air contamination and fluid loss.