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Thule Set offer Thule Easyfold XT 933 bike rack + carrying bag 931-1

Set, consisting of 1x Thule Easyfold XT 933 bike rack for 2 bikes (product code 2255885) and 1x Thule 931-1 bag for EasyFold hitch rack (product code:...

Poprzednia cena 755,90 € 539,95 

Thule Set offer: Easyfold XT 934 bike car rack and bag 934400

Set, consisting of: Thule Easyfold XT 934 rack for 3 bikes (product code 2255886) and 934400 transport bag for Easyfold XT 934 (product code 2255888)...

Poprzednia cena 861,90 € 591,95 

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Thule VeloCompact 926 bike rack

The robust and yet lightweight hitch rack safely transports up to three bikes. If need be, you can even transport up to 4 bikes with the optionally av...

Poprzednia cena 619,95 € 454,00 

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Thule VeloSpace XT 2 bike rack

Even though it is specially developed for big and heavy bikes like e-bikes, fat bikes and downhill bikes, the Thule VeloSpace XT 2 hitch rack also hol...

Poprzednia cena 609,95 € 448,00 

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Thule VeloSpace 939 XT 3 bike rack

Even though it is specially developed for big and heavy bikes like e-bikes, fat bikes and downhill bikes, the Thule VeloSpace XT 3 hitch rack also hol...

Poprzednia cena 709,95 € 548,00 

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Thule FreeRide 532 bike rack

A safe and reliable bike carrier, suitable for most common bicycles. Its adjustable quick fastener straps fit all tyre sizes and its rim holders with...

Poprzednia cena 69,95 € 49,90 

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Thule Easyfold XT 933 bike rack for 2 bikes

The Thule Easyfold XT 933 bike rack is a true all-rounder with the technical features of the Easyfold series – can be easily folded down and stored aw...

Poprzednia cena 719,95 € 539,95 

Thule EasyFold XT 934 bike rack for 3 bikes

A compact transport solution for your holidays. The Thule EasyFold 934 XT car bike rack holds up to 3 bicycles at once. Thanks to a broad compatibilit...

Poprzednia cena 819,95 € 591,95 

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Thule OutRide 561 bike rack

Thanks to a clever quick release mech­an­ism, the OutRide 561 by Thule holds almost all types of bicycle forks (even with permanently installed disc b...

Poprzednia cena 141,95 € 99,95 

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Thule ProRide 598 roof rack

A successful concept that combines an elegant design with high stability and ease of use. The frame holder can be easily adjusted via a torque-control...

Poprzednia cena 129,95 € 99,90 

Thule UpRide 599 bike rack

For years, the Swedish manufacturer Thule has set the benchmark for high-quality, robust and easy to handle roof and rear mounted bike racks. With the...

Poprzednia cena 194,95 € 159,00 

Thule ThruRide 565 roof rack

The perfect choice to transport your bike with thru axle in an aerodynamic way with the front wheel removed. The wide clamps of the attachment mechani...

Poprzednia cena 193,95 € 148,45 

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Thule Carbon Frame Protector 984 adapter for carbon frames

All-round protection for on the go. To make sure the sensitive carbon frame of your bike will also survive the transport with a Thule bike carrier, th...

Poprzednia cena 21,95 € 18,90 

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Thule 926-1 extension for VeloCompact 926 tow bar rack – 2016 model –

The fourth bike of the car: The Thule extension for your VeloCompact 926 tow bar mounted bike carrier (item no. 2184166 or 2110152) allows you to tran...

Poprzednia cena 155,95 € 124,95 

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Thule Supporting arm for hitch racks

· Easy installation and adjustment on the rack's bar thanks to a split clamp (Ø 30,0 mm) and quick release mechanism · Tommy nut Acu Tight with torque...

Poprzednia cena 30,26 € od21,95 

Thule 9334 foldable loading platform for EasyFold XT 933/934 bike racks

It can hardly get any easier than this. Instead of lifting your bike strenuously onto the Thule EasyFold XT 933/934 bike rack, you can simply roll it...

Poprzednia cena 52,95 € 44,90 

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Thule VeloSpace XT Bike Adapter

Original add-on rail to transport a third bike with the Thule VeloSpace XT 2 bike rack (item no.: 2268863) or a fourth bike with the Thule VeloSpace X...

Poprzednia cena 163,95 € 139,00 

Thule BackSpace XT cargo box

The Thule BackSpace XT is a lightweight and durable cargo box for your VeloSpace XT 2 (item no.: 2268863) or XT 3 (item no.: 2268864) tow bar mounted...

Poprzednia cena 549,95 € 419,95 

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Thule "Clip on high" 9105 tailgate carrier

Bike carrier that can be mounted within seconds on estate cars and hatchback vehicles. The detachable frame holders are suitable for bike frames with...

Poprzednia cena 314,95 € 209,95 

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Elite Sanremo wheel support for roof rack

The Elite Sanremo roof carrier impresses with a compact size and high flexibility thanks to different adjustment options. Thus, the angle of the rear...

Poprzednia cena 46,95 € 34,95 

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