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SRAM Sram Red 22 hydraulic disc brake/shift lever combination

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Braking later means staying fast longer. That's the motto of hydraulic road bike disc brakes. If seconds matter, hydraulic brakes can give you a decis... więcej szczegółów

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Braking later means staying fast longer. That's the motto of hydraulic road bike disc brakes. If seconds matter, hydraulic brakes can give you a decisive advantage: The rider can brake later and needs less braking force thanks to the liquid brake medium that can be dosed easily.
Moreover, the rims can be designed with a lower weight, which contributes significantly to better riding dynamics and faster acceleration.
The Sram Hydro series lets you achieve a clearly better braking performance compared to classic, mechanical road bike brakes. Hydraulic brake hoses can be routed in narrower radii. What's more, the DOT 5.1 brake medium is more heat-resistant than comparable systems, which means that the performance remains on a constant level on long downhills.
Another advantage is low wear – only the brake pads and brake discs need to be exchanged. You don't have to mount new rims or expensive wheels.
Lightweight construction, ergonomics and technical sophistications have of course been paid special attention to for the Red top groupset.

· DoubleTap technology: There is only one shift lever: a short "tap" loosens the cable, gears shift down; when "firmly pushed" the cable is pulled, gears shift up.
· double/11-speed indexed
· shift and brake lever reach adjustment
· large, easily reachable Ergo Blade levers
· left shift lever with Zero Loss technology
· internal shift cable to optimise both the appearance and aerodynamics
· adjustable banjo at the brake calliper for optimum cable routing
· 18 mm brake calliper piston Ø
· material brake/shift lever: carbon
· material brake calliper: forged aluminium, two-piece
· brake medium: DOT 5.1
· hose length front: 950 mm/ rear: 1800 mm
· incl. shift cables and cable casings, hose, lever and brake body, filled ready for mounting and bled, titanium brake calliper fixing screws
· weight: approx. 750 g (incl. filled brake hose)

Note: Only compatible with Yaw front derailleurs and double/11-speed Exact Actuation rear derailleurs. Please find suitable brake discs with item no. 2074151.

Manufacturer's ref. front wheel: 00.7018.173.002
Manufacturer's ref. rear wheel: 00.7018.173.000



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