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Cross Trail 7R Headlamp with Rechargeable Battery 600 lm

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Cross Trail 7R Headlamp with Rechargeable Battery 600 lm


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The “R” in Cross Trail 7R stands for “Run” in Silva's model designation, as it is a bright all-round headlamp for runners. It is ideal for training on unclear paths and winding trails in nature. Compact, lightweight and with a long burn time that can handle longer running sessions or outdoor activities. It is possible to enjoy up to 5 hours of light in maximum mode and 13 hours if using minimum mode. The extra wide headband with ergonomically adapted brackets and buckles ensures comfortable wearing. The headlamp and battery will also remain securely in position, and thanks to the siliconisation all around the inside, every stays secure even on sweaty routes or in rainy weather.

The luminosity of the Silva Cross Trail 7R is tailored to the needs of ambitious athletes and can be switched between three levels at the touch of a button. In addition, Silva's Intelligent Light® light distribution technology combines a wide field of light at close range with a spotlight for good long-range vision. And the Silva Flow Light can be switched on to optimally adjust the light field to your activity and speed. If you tip the lamp downwards, the beam becomes wider and provides great light for slower activities. If you tip the lamp up the light reaches further and offers optimal lighting when moving fast.

The easy to read battery charge indicator will help you keep eye on how much power is left. If it goes below 10%, a warning light will blink. The lamp then automatically switches to energy-saving mode and continues to light your way for at least 30 minutes. A waterproof light and battery housing will also provide the best protection from the elements on any terrain. And the large on/off button makes the headlamp easy to operate, even when wearing gloves or when wet.

The great balance between light power, burn time, weight, and comfortable wearing make this an excellent, flexible headlamp for a variety of activities and ambitious runners as well as athletes such as skiers or cyclists. Wherever your next athletic challenge may take you, the Silva Cross Trail 7R will show you the way through the darkness.

• Lightweight headlamp with a variety of uses
• For multi-activity, sports and outdoor activities
• Extra wide, adjustable headband for increased comfort (machine washable up to 40° C)
• Headband inside with anti-slip silicone strips
• Ergonomic buckles and removable back of head battery holder
• Lightweight, external battery pack with charge indicator (rechargeable over USB port)
• Headlamp is compatible with all Silva Lithium-Ion battery packs from 2008 or later
• Warning light for low charge (2 brief flashes)
• Automatic reserve mode for at least 30 minutes burn time when charge is less than 10 % (can be deactivated at the touch of a button)
• Temperature control function to protect from overheating
• Silva Intelligent Light®: combines a bright central spotlight with a long reach and a wide beam for close-up use
• Silva Flow Light (switchable): enables optimised light diffusion based on the lamp inclination for near and far
• Light distance can be set by turning the lamp body
• 3 light modes: Maximum, Medium, Minimum
• Big on/off/function switch, can also be operated with gloves on
• Vertically adjustable light angle
• 4-stage LED charge/battery level indicator (25/50/75/100%)

Technical details:
• Material: aluminium, plastic (ABS, polycarbonate, TPU)
• Lamp: 2 high-power LEDs (white)
• Light flux in lumen (max./med./min.): approx. 600 lm / 250 lm / 80 lm
• Beam range (max./med./min.) approx.: 140 m / 80 m / 50 m
• Protection rating: headlamp and battery IPX5 (protected against spray water)
• Battery type: Lithium-ion battery pack, 2.0 Ah, 7.4 V
• Reserve mode: approx. 30 minutes
• Charging time: approx. 3h
• Max. burn time according to ANSI (at 20°C/-5°C): approx. 13h/10h (80 lm), approx. 8h/4h (250 lm), approx. 5h/2.5h (600 lm)
• Operating temperature range: -10 °C to +55 °C
• Weight: approx. 78 g (lamp), 85 g (battery pack)

In the box:
• 1 Silva Trail 7R headlamp
• 1 ergonomic headband
• 1 battery holder with cable guide
• 1 rechargeable battery 2.0 Ah Li-Ion
• 1 cable guide on the side
• 1 USB charging cable

The modular Silva Connection System lets you use any Silva Lithium-Ion battery pack, from 2008 or later with a suitable plug, as a spare battery pack.

True Lumen: Luminous flux is measured 30 seconds after switching on, in accordance with the ANSI / NEMA FL1 standard.

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Cross Trail 7R Headlamp with Rechargeable Battery 600 lm