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Sigma AURA 45 USB LED front light / NUGGET II rear light kit

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Sigma light kit consisting of AURA 45 battery-powered front light USB (product code 2292619) and NUGGET II battery-powered rear light USB (product code 2264901).

AURA 45 USB LED front light
Generous 45 Lux, a harmonious light pattern in all 4 light zones and a range of up to 55 metres. Sigma’s compact and rechargeable bicycle lamp AURA 45 is road legal and offers powerful road illumination.
Safety-conscious cyclists will be pleased with the built-in light/dark sensor, which – when used in Auto Mode – automatically adjusts the lighting power of the LED front light to the surroundings. This feature makes sure you are always riding with adequate illumination, while also guaranteeing the best possible battery life. What’s more, the AURA 45 also comes with a Standard Mode with 45 Lux and approx. 6,5 hrs battery life, an Eco mode with 15 Lux and approx. 21 hrs battery life.
Additional lateral light elements increase your visibility and safety in poor light conditions even more.

• StVZO approved for all types of bikes
• With dark/light sensor that automatically adjusts the lighting power to the surrounding light conditions
• Improved lateral visibility
• Lamp: Osram LED
• Light power 45 Lux (15 Lux in Eco mode)
• Lighting range: approx. 55 m
• Approx. 6,5 hrs battery life in Standard mode, 21 hrs in Eco mode
• Charging time: approx. 2,3 hrs
• Integrated Micro USB charging function (can be charged during operation)
• Two-step battery indicator (from a battery capacity of 70%, the white LED shines/from a battery capacity of 30% the red LED shines)
• 360° adjustable bracket
• Tool-free installation with silicone strap, also suitable for oversize bars (Ø 22 - 32 mm)
(The front light can only be removed together with the mount.)
• Switch-on protection (double click for ON)
• Waterproof rating: IPX4
• Weight: approx. 88 g (incl. mount)

NUGGET II rear light:
The beautiful Sigma Nugget II LED tail light comes in a stylish design.
As is comes with the same proven technologies as Sigma’s predecessor model of the same name, yet offers improved lateral visibility, you will always be on the safe side with this handy LED rear light.
The 360° reflective lens offers additional safety. Designed for daily use, the eye-catching battery-powered light can be mounted on the seatpost. After use, the integrated battery can be charged via micro USB to get enough energy for your next tour.

• StVZO approved for all types of bikes
• LED battery tail light with integrated micro USB charging function
• Lithium-ion battery
• 2 x 0,5 watt high-power LED
• Visibility approx. 400 m
• Battery life approx. 6 hrs
• Charging time: approx. 2 hrs
• 2-step Sigma battery charge indicator (shows the battery charge during operation: from a battery capacity of 70%, the LED shines in white/from a battery capacity of 30% it shines in red)
• Compact, waterproof housing
• Tool-free installation with O-ring
• Dimensions: approx. 42 x 28 x 27 mm
• Weight: approx. 25 g

In the box:
• 1 x Sigma AURA 45 USB front light with integrated silicone bracket
• 1 x Sigma NUGGET II rear light incl. fixing material
• 1 x Micro USB cable


Standard battery:
Rechargeable battery:
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AURA 45 USB LED front light / NUGGET II rear light kit


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