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The enduro bikes are coming!


Enduro bikes are downhill specialists as well as true all-rounders. They particularly show their strengths on downhill trails and tours. They want to go to the top from where you have a perfect view of the snow-covered peaks of the surrounding mountains, of the little village in the valley, the trail in front of your feet. You put your helmet and goggles on, push the pedals and let it rip. “Finally!” your suspension system shouts. You lean into the beam, fly over the rock section, and take the drop with a smile on your face. High-tech forks and rear shocks offer high comfort and a lot of reserves when it is getting rougher thanks to their sensitivity.

Our enduro UNCLE JIMBO rolls on 27,5-inch wheels – this wheel size offers stability and agility on challenging tracks. The bike’s suspension offers a travel of 165 mm – not so long ago, this travel category was used in downhill races! This shows where the journey will take us: to the valley! This is exactly what those bikes have been designed for, this is where they show great performances. However, good uphill skills are important, too, as a good enduro bike also has to easily roll uphill. Only then it offers the complete package! That is why the downhill-oriented bikes are so lightweight that you even prefer to pedal up the hill yourself instead of taking the lift.

Enduros are simply fun, as they offer great features and good performance – on rooty singletracks, tours and in enduro races. The latter have become very popular recently, which is no wonder considering that they redefine the idea of mountain biking in a very special way: It’s about experiencing the surroundings with changing conditions, competing with friends on flowing downhill tracks, riding together and enjoying sports and nature. That is what remains in the memory after a great day off the road!