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Light Kit MonkeyLight 70 + Rear CONNECT E-MTB

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The removable MonkeyLink bike light set offers high flexibility and lets you quickly equip your electric MTB to make it legal to ride on public roads.

The energy efficient MonkeyLight 70 CONNECT headlight is fitted to your handlebar with a self-locking quick-release bracket, and in combination with the MonkeyLink Rear CONNECT rear light on the seat post, it illuminates the road around you.

The optional MonkeyLink adapters MONKEYPORT for the front, or at the back in the CONNECT version (e-bike), connect the optional mount with the light – in a fast, easy and intuitive way (e.g. product code: 2268402/2281175). If your bike is fitted with the MonkeyLink system as standard, you can choose the CONNECT battery light according to wattage, fix it and get going.

The rear light is supplied with power from the bike battery and controlled via the display. An additional battery is not required. The MonkeyLight 70 lux is well-suited to trail riding with its fantastic field of illumination.

Clipped to the handlebar or stem, the beam lights up the trail enough to let you zip down the course at high speed. Once removed after a nice ride, the two lights perfectly fit into your trouser pocket.

• Clip-on LED lights for e-bikes
• High brightness for fast trips
• For MonkeyLink adapter (sold separately)
• Removed and fitted within seconds
• Self-locking magnetic system
• Controlled via integrated system
• Internal energy supply
• Voltage: 6 - 12V DC
• Front light: 70 lux/ 180 lumens
• Protected from spray (IPX4)
• StVZO approved
• Material: plastic
• Dimensions: approx. 70 x 40 x 45 mm (front), 90 x 25 x 38 mm (rear)
• Weight: approx. 79 g (front), 39 g (rear)

In the box:
• MonkeyLink MonkeyLight 70 Lux CONNECT front light (product code: 2268367)
• MonkeyLink MonkeyLight CONNECT rear light (product code: 2268369)
• Note: Does not come with connector and mount (optional)

The MonkeyLink system allows you to mount bike accessories like lights or mudguards to your bike with a flick of the wrist, thanks to a universal mount. The system is specifically designed for standard bikes (RECHARGE) or electric bikes (CONNECT). Magnetic connections allow for easy installation. One connection – countless possibilities.

For more information and a video about the MonkeyLink system see https://www.monkey-link.com/en/index.html

As some bike manufacturers fit their bikes with the MonkeyLink system as standard, the light kit comes without a mounting kit. The MonkeyLight CONNECT requires the MonkeyPort as an interface for power supply as well as an appropriate adapter mount. It can either be mounted with a handlebar clamp (product code: 2268392) or stem clamp (e.g. product code: 2268383) in combination with the right MonkeyPort (e.g. product code: 2268402). For the MonkeyLight Rear CONNECT, you’ll need a saddle clamp adapter (product code: 2268388 or 2268389) with a system-specific MonkeyPort for Brose, Shimano/Suntour (sold separately) or Bosch drive units (product code: 2268402).

If you shred the forest trails during the day, compatible front and rear reflectors for the Monkey-Port Connect will improve visibility while protecting the contacts from dirt (product code: 2268390/2268391).

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