Everything under control!

High-quality handlebar grips by ODI made in the USA! There are exactly five contact points between bike and rider. A saddle, two pedals, two grips – this is what you need to perfectly control your bike in any situation. The term “control” already suggests that handlebar grips have important tasks to fulfil. They help you to precisely steer your bike through corners, they offer hold when riding downhill and they allow you to pull the handlebar and get out of the saddle on the next climb. It is perfectly obvious that grips have to withstand extreme conditions and face some tough challenges when mountain biking.

Since the Californian company revolutionized the grips of BMX bikes in the early 70s, one cannot imagine cycling without ODI. Athletes from all disciplines work closely together with a large team of developers to further optimize technology and rubber compounds or to develop completely new products.

The invention of the Lock-On system shows how fruitful the cooperation has already been in the past. In the past, mountain bikers could tell you a thing or two about permanently slipping handlebar grips. Their unmanageable grips were not only annoying, but also represented a potential risk that must not be underestimated. By mounting two lock rings at the end of the grips, ODI could finally resolve this problem – a milestone in the history of MTB.

The focus of development has always been and still is on comfortable handling in combination with resistance and durability. The products are exclusively manufactured in the USA. ODI has consciously decided not to outsource the production, but to rely on maximum quality. That’s why each ODI grip is still “made in the USA”!