Kickboards, stunt scooters and pedal scooters for children and adults


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It was the desire for a comfortable and easy means of transport for short distances that brought Wim Ouboter, founder and inventor of Micro, the dazzling idea. So, he developed the first foldable scooter and founded the company Micro Mobility Systems AG in Switzerland back in 1996. Today, the company that produces scooters and kickboards is known throughout the world. Micro Mobility Systems D GmbH is located in Geislingen-Binsdorf and was founded for the distribution of Micro products in Germany and Luxembourg in 2000. Apart from different scooter and kickboard models for people of all ages, the product range includes special stunt scooters, wheels, business trolleys and matching accessories. Micro Mobility relies on high-quality products and even offers a repair and spare parts service.