It’s a Kind of Magic

Traditional fasteners, clamps, plugs and clips{j}are often hard to close or open. Fiddling around with a helmet closure, saddle bag mount or bottle cage can be quite annoying. Even though a tricky closure system might not be too hard to endure on rarely used bicycle bags, it will make you lose decisive seconds when racing against the time and losing your water bottle due to a badly designed bottle cage. Fidlock allows you to easily remove and fit accessories to your bike - as if by magic. Thus, you can fully concentrate on the road ahead and mix it at the top.


The Fidlock Principle

Designed for easy handling, the Fidlock system facilitates everything to do with locking, connecting and removing. The system intelligently combines the advantages of two tried-and-tested fastening concepts – those of a magnetic and a mechanical fastener. All products of the Fidlock Bike Series close automatically and lock in place securely thanks to two magnets. Moreover, Fidlock fasteners can be opened with just one hand – and even when wearing gloves. This offers additional comfort and safety, while saving time when e.g. closing a bike helmet or fixing a saddle bag.


Simple but different

The opening and closing procedures of Fidlock fasteners differ from one another, which means they each function according to a different principle. Thus, the functionality is not always the same, just like a door: Besides, these procedures can differ from fastener to fastener. Thanks to the magnetic forces, the fasteners close and lock in place automatically. A mechanical fastener additionally secures the system. The fastener is opened, however, by sliding, tilting or rotating it, depending on the model.


Let´s Twist Again…

The closing and opening mechanism of the Fidlock system is flexible in both directions. All you need to do to fix a water bottle is to hold it close to the frame mount - thanks to the magnetic force between the two magnets, the bottle is pulled into the mount as if by magic. A mechanical locking mechanism makes sure the bottle will even stay in place in rough tracks. The entire TWIST system by Fidlock is modular. Apart from adapted Fidlock components, you can also use the system consisting of a magnetic bottle and a frame mount to retrofit standard water bottles.