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BELL SUPER 3 cycle helmet

Kod produktu: 225352401

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Thanks to a low cut back, the SUPER 3 cycle helmet by BELL offers great protection for the back of your head. Numerous features turn this MTB helmet i... więcej szczegółów

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Thanks to a low cut back, the SUPER 3 cycle helmet by BELL offers great protection for the back of your head. Numerous features turn this MTB helmet into the perfect choice for your all mountain adventure. A mount for your action cam, a mount for your goggles and great ventilation top off the package.

• Made with INMOULD technology
• Polycarbonate outer shell
• Features the easily adjustable Bell adjustment system FLOAT FIT
• 23 vents
• Adjustable GOGGLEGUIDE visor with goggle mount and BREAKAWAY SCREWS
• Integrated BREAKAWAY CAMERA MOUNT for your action cam
• X-STATIC inside pad
• MIPS system reduces rotational forces
• CE EN1078 certified

Manufacturer's ref.: 210147

Weight: approx. 433 g (size M)

The inner shell of the helmet is formed by means of foam applied under high pressure and great heat beneath the outer shell. This firm bond creates an extremely stable and very light helmet structure.

The helmet adjustment system combines comfort and safety with an especially light design. FLOAT FIT optimizes the fit of the helmet – with regards to head measurements and vertical adjustment options. In order to reduce the weight and to ensure ease of use, the arms enclose the back of the head. This brings the helmet into the perfect position on your head. Simple, lightweight and comfortable.

The ventilation system guides an actively cooling airflow through deep inlets to the forehead into the helmet. Specially constructed air channels guide the airstream around the head and the warm air out of the helmet. Deep air inlets over the forehead bring cooling air into the helmet.

The adjustable visor system keeps the goggles in place securely. It can be pushed up easily and therefore offers enough space to attach the goggles to the helmet. When you are riding without visor, you can use the short goggle retention arms. They keep the goggle strap securely in place and prevent the goggles from slipping upwards.

Bell visor screws break more easily during crashes, in order to prevent cuts caused by bent visors in a crash.

The removable mount holds your action camera in a neat, seamless and rattle-free way, without relying on annoying constructions with double-sided adhesive tape or cable ties. The practical, removable mount fits perfectly into the vent on top of the helmet, keeps the camera in the optimal position and does not leave any traces on the helmet after dismounting it.

X-Static pads contain silver threads, are fast-drying and have an antibacterial effect to reduce odour formation. Moreover, thanks to their thermal features, they give the rider a cooling feeling when it’s hot and a warming feeling when it’s cold.



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