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    SRAM Guide R front wheel disc brake

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    SRAM Guide R front wheel disc brake

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    You surely know this – a tricky and demanding passage you didn't dare to ride through up to now?
    With the Sram Guide R you can master these kind of passages and concentrate fully on the downhill. The generous 4-piston brake caliper can be controlled precisely with the strong brake levers and guarantees safety on downhills.
    The brake lever reach can be adjusted without tools, to suit your individual preferences perfectly.

    · brake lever: Avid Guide R, aluminium, can be mounted on both sides
    · brake caliper: Avid Guide R, aluminium, 4-piston system (Ø: 2 x 14mm/ 2 x 16 mm)
    · hose length: 950 mm (trimmable)
    · brake fluid: Avid DOT 5.1
    · brake pads: organic with steel reinforcement
    · weight: approx. 280 g (brake incl. clamp)

    · 2-finger brake lever with divided clamp
    · adjustable banjo for ideal cable guiding
    · Piggy Pack Reservoir
    · Pure Bladder regulates air bubbles inside and pumps them out
    · tool-free lever reach adjustment
    · Timing Port Closure:reliable and consistent braking performance thanks to new seals and bores in the brake lever, the reservoir is sealed at a certain position of the lever to build up pressure

    · for handlebar Ø: 22,2 mm
    · incl. olive, insert, brake caliper fixing bolts and clamp

    Note: brake discs and adapters are not included

    Manufacturer's ref.: 00.5018.033.000

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    SRAM Guide R front wheel disc brake 5
    od Marco Righetti
    (napisane na 21.06.2016) 2016-06-21
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    We bought a bike with "Tektro Novela" mechanical discbrakes for my son. They was so week so when it was wet he had big trouble stopping at all. After installing SRAM Guide R and finally got the air out of the system he says he need to be careful because he can ALWAYS lock up the brakes! And perfect feeling so he don't lock them when braking! Very good brakes!
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    SRAM Guide R front wheel disc brake

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