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    Slime Pro Tubeless Ready Kit

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    Slime Pro Tubeless Ready Kit

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    Easily convert your tubeless ready components into a tubeless tyre system. The Slime Pro sealant offers effective protection from punctures of up to 3 mm. The string Gorilla tape forms a robust basis for the rim base. Tyre levers, tubeless valves and CO² inflators with cartridges for tyres of up to 29" are included. As a CO² cartridge offers a high volume of air, the tyre jumps better into the rim bead.

    Features of sealant:
    · Suitable for temperatures ranging from -37°C to 82°C
    · Non-corrosive, non-toxic
    · Lasts up to 6 months and longer
    · Can be filled in via the valve shaft or directly into the tyre
    · Suitable for Schrader, Dunlop, Presta valves (valve insert must be removable)
    · Required quantity per tyre: road tyre approx. 45 ml, cross country tyre approx. 60 ml, downhill tyre approx. 90 ml

    Features of rim tape:
    · Width: 25,4 mm (The tape should be at least 3 mm wider than the inner rim width. You can also cut the tape to length if need be.)
    · Sufficient for 4 rims

    Features of CO² inflator:
    · Dispensing head suitable for Presta and Schrader valves
    · 2 x 20 g threaded cartridges suitable for 29" tyres
    (Note: For a separate attachment to the bike, we recommend you to use the Genuine Innvovations X-Mount bracket, item no. 2230827.)

    Including: sealant (content: 237 ml), measuring cup, 2 x tubeless Presta valves, valve extractor, Microflate Nano CO² inflator, 2 x 20 g CO² cartridge, inflation adapter from SV/DV to AV, 1 roll of Gorilla rim tape, 2 x tyre levers

    Attention! Not suitable to convert tyres and rims into a tubeless system that are not tubeless ready.

    Manufacturer's ref. 50086

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    Slime Pro Tubeless Ready Kit

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