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Możliwość zwrotu w ciągu miesiąca rowery montowane w Niemczech Ponad 110 lat rodzinnej tradycji

    Profile 1/Zerofive drop bar

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    Profile 1/Zerofive drop bar 40cm

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    We do all remember the heroes of the past, who sat comfortably on their bikes with their hands in the lower grip position. Whether they were catching up, sprinting or climbing, lower shift/brake levers and longer top tube geometries allowed for a deeper and more aggressive hand position. This perfect position for maximum power is nowadays often sacrificed for a shorter top tube and the increased use of the upper brake/shift lever position. Profile aims to tackle this problem with the drop bars of the Drive series that allow for a true comparability to the lower bar position. A mark in the bend defines this spot. Moreover, the so-called Drive is specified in mm. While the drop only indicated the difference between upper and lower bar position, the Drive says something about the bend. In general, Drive bars are more open and thus offer the rider more freedom of movement and more possibilities while riding, especially in the lower bar position. The 1/Zerofive is a version for smaller riders with a shorter upper body and shorter arms. With the 1/Twenty (item no. 2099947) and the 1/Thirtyfive (item no. 2099956) taller riders will also find their perfect drop bar.
    • scale to adjust the reach
    • continuous Ø of 31,8 mm over the entire width of the upper handlebar for more useful and more relaxed grip positions (at the same time, it allows for the flexibla mounting of aerobars)
    • material: aluminium 6061-T6, double-butted, matt anodised
    • drop: 122 mm, reach: 70 mm, Drive: 105 mm
    • weight: approx. 314 g (42 cm)
    • handlebar clamping: Ø 31,8 mm
    • available in width (centre/centre) 38, 40 or 42 cm


    723661004131 (black 38cm)
    723661004148 (black 40cm)
    723661004155 (black 42cm)
    3064102 (black 38cm)
    3064103 (black 40cm)
    3064104 (black 42cm)
    Średnica w punkcie mocowania w mm:

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    kolor 38cm 40cm 42cm

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    1 dostępny

    1 dostępny

    kolor 38cm 40cm 42cm




    Profile 1/Zerofive drop bar

    38cm 40cm 42cm
    black black
    produkt dostępny, dostępny tylko w ograniczonej ilości
    produkt dostępny, dostępny tylko w ograniczonej ilości
    produkt dostępny, dostępny tylko w ograniczonej ilości