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    ION K_CAP_SELECT knee and shin bone protectors

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    ION K_CAP_SELECT knee and shin bone protectors S

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    The ION K_CAP_SELECT high-end knee and shinbone protectors are based on the Tectonic_Fit principle. What's so special about them: They offer both maximum freedom of movement and optimal knee and shin bone protection. The main parts of the protector, which means the knee and the shin bone element, are only joined with each other at the sides of the knee joint. This allows the elements to slide past each other like tectonic plates when pedalling. The protector always stay close to the leg and does not slip. This makes this knee and shin bone protector not only suitable for downhill, but also for enduro and all-mountain use: In the front knee area, the padding of the German manufacturer SAS-TEC offers outstanding cushioning characteristics (the same material has already been used for motorbike protective clothing for years). The additional, removable Grind_Cap - an asymmetric semi-hardcap - ensures safe sliding on rough ground in case of a fall. The shin bone is protected from painful pedal slipping thanks to HD_MemoryFoam.
    Asymmetrically arranged EVA side pads protect the knee joint when banging against the top tube or in case of lateral shocks.
    The ION Anti_Smell Feature keeps the pads fresh for longer thanks to a Sanitized® treatment. ION has already been successfully using this treatment for wetsuits for years: It prevents bacteria growth and makes sure the neoprene does not smell musty.
    The new K_Cap_Select comes in an open design so that the protector can easily be folded around the leg. In this way, there's no need to put off the shoes anymore.

    . Grind_Caps: Asymmetric semi-hardcap for safe sliding on rough ground in case of a fall
    . Tectonic_Fit: Patented, eurobike award-winning construction for maximum freedom of movement
    · Sanitized®: ION's Anti_Smell - no bacteria, no odours, no mildew - lasting freshness (active biocidal substance: zinc pyrithion)

    . SAS-TEC: A special visco-elastic multi-impact foam developed in Germany, that has been successfully used for motorbike wear for years.
    . HD_Memory Foam: Shin bone padding with extremely high shock absorption, perfectly adapts to the body shape
    . Lightweight_EVA: Side padding at its lightest
    . Power Aramid: Durable, abrasion- and tearproof material at the front

    Sanitized is a certified antibacterial fabric that prevents the formation of odours. It is perfectly safe to your health and the environment and fully complies with the strict and independent testing standards of bluesign®.

    Material: 35 % polychloroprene (neoprene), 35 % polyurethane, 15 % nylon, 8 % polyester, 7 % polyethylene (EVA)

    Manufacturer's ref.: 47500-5915200 grey melange

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    ION K_CAP_SELECT knee and shin bone protectors

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