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    Garmin Forerunner 620 GPS watch with heart rate chest strap

    Langlebig per Design. Der Name Garmin kommt von den Gründern des Unternehmens, Gary Burrell und Min Kao. Seit 1998 entwickelt stellt das amerikanische Unternehmen wegweisende Lösungen für Radfahrer, Läufer und Fitnessbegeisterte her.
    Garmin - Lebe den Moment Langlebig per Design. Der Name Garmin kommt von den Gründern des Unternehmens, Gary Burrell und Min Kao. Seit 1998 entwickelt stellt das amerikanische Unternehmen wegweisende Lösungen für Radfahrer, Läufer und Fitnessbegeisterte her.
    Mit der
    GARMIN: Forerunner 620 GPS-Uhr Mit der "Forerunner 620" von Garmin tragen Sportler ihren Personal Trainer am Handgelenk. Die Laufuhr untersucht den individuellen Laufstil genau und hilft so, das Training effizient zu verbessern.
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    Garmin Forerunner 620 GPS watch with heart rate chest strap

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    A GPS watch with an eye for detail: The Forerunner 620 is a fully equipped companion for efficient training sessions. Apart from the obligatory display of speed, pace or distance, the device also offers a huge range of features that are worthy pf a trainer: With the included HRM-RUN Premium heart rate chest strap you can measure your heart rate and heart rate zone in a first step. Two values which are essential for a precise training. Secondly, the sensor measures your running dynamic values with the integrated acceleration sensor: the number of steps per minute, the ground contact time and the vertical movement of your upper body.
    In this way, the Forerunner 620 can analyse your running style and you can use the data to specifically improve your performance.

    At the same time, the heart rate strap determines your endurance performance or your fitness level using a VO2max estimate (maximum oxygen uptake). Like a real trainer, the recovery advisor tells you how to make your training breaks more efficient. A display of calories burned and of the expected race time are also part of the features the heart rate chest strap offers.

    When training indoors or on the treadmill, an integrated acceleration sensor allows for the display of speed, pace and distance without GPS. You want to do a tour with your bike? No problem: The Forerunner 620 offers a special “ride” profile. You can also use optionally available speed and cadence sensors (item no. 2098300 and 2098319) that will provide you with even more precise data.

    The display of 4 data fields per page is customizable to make sure that you can immediately see what is most important for you. The Chroma™ colour display with touchscreen offers a high resolution. Via Garmin Connect™ (also for iOS from 7.0/Android 4.3), you can analyse your progress on your PC or smartphone after the automatic synchronisation (with Bluetooth Smart or WLAN). Here, you will get a well-structured overview with maps, diagrams and overviews of your daily activity. Garmin Connect™ is a community where you can compete against your friends in online challenges or comment their activities. You can also share your activities in social networks to get more motivating interaction. Another great feature: The live tracking feature lets your friends see your current location on a map in real time.

    The Forerunner 620 provides professional features requiring only a minimum of space. It helps you to personalize your training and adapt it to your needs in a modern way.
    The device is waterproof to 5 ATM and can also we used in the shower or when swimming.

    Basic features:
    • automatic synchronization of the training sessions with your computer
    • customizable display (4 data fields per page)
    • time of day (12/24 hrs)
    • date
    • vibration alert
    • history: 1000 laps
    • Virtual Partner® (train against a digital person)
    • Virtual Pacer (compares current running pace with target)
    • Auto Pause® (e.g. when stopping at traffic lights)
    • Auto Lap®
    • Auto Scroll
    • extensive training (create own, targeted training sessions)
    • pace alert
    • time/distance alert
    • interval training
    • Training Effect (measures impact of an activity on your aerobic fitness)
    • personal best times
    • run/walk feature
    • cadence (requires the optional cadence sensor, item no. 2098319)
    • average cadence per lap (requires the optional cadence sensor)
    • average cadence (requires the optional cadence sensor)

    Running features:
    • heart rate and heart rate zones
    • running dynamics: steps per minute, ground contact time, vertical movement of the upper body
    • VO2max estimate (determines your endurance performance)
    • recovery advisor
    • prediction of finishing time
    • integrated acceleration sensor for indoor distance, pace and speed
    • calories burned requires the optional HRM-Run Premium heart rate chest strap)
    • distance
    • distance – last lap
    • average pace
    • lap pace
    • pace – last lap
    • speed
    • average speed
    • speed – last lap
    • average heart rate
    • % HRR (percentage of heart rate reserve)
    • average heart rate for the current lap
    • HR %max (percentage of maximum heart rate)
    • altitude
    • direction
    • lap %HRR (the average percentage of heart rate reserve for the current lap)
    • lap ground contact time
    • number of completed laps
    • lap distance
    • lap speed
    • lap time
    • timer
    • average vertical movement for the current lap
    • sunrise/sunset
    • average ground contact time
    • average HR %max (average percentage of maximum heart rate for the current activity)
    • average HRR (average percentage of heart rate reserve)

    Features of the Garmin Connect™ app:
    • smartphone compatability: iOS from 7.0/Android 4.3
    • store, analyse, plan and share activities
    • live tracking feature via smartphone to see your location on the map in real time
    • upload of training data
    • training plans
    • map view
    • overview of your daily activity
    • diagram view
    • online challenges
    • comment the activities of other users

    • display: high-resolution Chroma™ colour display
    • resolution: 180 x 180 pixels
    • GPS-enabled
    • integrated acceleration sensor
    • Interfaces: ANT+, Bluetooth Smart and WLAN
    • lithium-ion battery
    • battery life: approx. 6 weeks in watch mode/approx. 10 hours in training mode
    • watertight to 5 ATM
    • dimensions: approx. 45 x 45 x 12,5 mm
    • display size : approx. 25,4 mm
    • weight: approx. 43,6 g

    • HRM-Run heart rate chest strap
    • charging/data cradle with USB cable

    Manufacturer’s ref.: 010-01128-40 (black/blue), 010-01128-41 (white/orange)

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    Garmin Forerunner 620 GPS watch with heart rate chest strap

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