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    COMPRESSPORT PRO RACING WATCH SPACE compression arm sleeves

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    The seamless 360° compression around the arm dampens the shock waves effect at muscles, veins and joints. Less vibration means a delayed muscle fatigue. Your resistance during a prolonged workout is improved. Furthermore, the PRO RACE WATCH armsleeves come with a watch slit, which avoids that you have to lift your sleeve everytime you want to check your watch.
    The dual active compression acts on both muscular zones of your arm. This guarantees improved venous return and shock absorption over the whole length of your arm.
    During the workout, the oxygen supply in your muscles is enhanced thanks to the stimulated blood circulation. Your arms feel lighter and less stressed.

    The COLDBLACK treatment avoids heat accumulation: The fabric remains cool during the time you wear it; you sweat less, feel better and improve your performance. It also provides a reliable protection against UV-rays and guarantees a minimum UPF 30 protection. The special knitting technique protects you from cold and wind and guarantees nevertheless maximum skin breathing. The activation of a micro circuit boosts and supports the thermal regulation mechanism of your skin and helps you thus to save energy. The PRO RACING armsleeves have been knitted 100% seamless, so that they will adapt perfectly to every curve of your arm. This maximises efficiency and comfort for you. Moreover, they are ideal for running, cross-country running, cycling and for regeneration. The SANITIZED® treatment avoids bacteria growth and fights bad odours. It ensures a feeling of freshness all day long.

    Material: 70% polyamide, 30% elastane (LYCRA)

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    COMPRESSPORT PRO RACING WATCH SPACE compression arm sleeves

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