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    COMPRESSPORT PRO RACING triathlon shirt

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    COMPRESSPORT PRO RACING triathlon shirt S

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    Made for maximum comfort and optimum performance in training and competition. If you are looking for a shirt which is highly breathable, stays dry, does not cause irritation or chafing and can be worn in every climate, then the COMPRESSPORT TRIATHLON SHIRT is just the right choice for you.

    • V-neck: Avoids friction and chafing. Especially for triathletes, the collar offers effective protection against chafing from neoprene suits.
    The PRO RACING triathlon shirt adapts to the body shape perfectly and fits like a second skin.
    • Water-repellent: The special material is water-repellent and thus dries very fast. Furthermore, the shirt remains lightweight and pleasant on the skin. Special ventilation zones at the arms protect from overheating and provide extremely fast sweat wicking.
    • Thermo regulation: The new material Thermoregulation 6.6 protects from cold during winter and cools during summer. Fluctuations of the body temperature are minimised and the shirt remains pleasantly dry.
    • Ultra light: Thanks to its extremely thin material, especially at the arms, the triathlon shirt by COMPRESSPORT belongs to the lightest ones on the market.
    • Correct anatomic fit / light compression: A light compression is woven in directly in the manufacturing process, so that a correct anatomic fit is guaranteed during long workouts, too. The compression supports the shoulder area and especially during long workouts, the posture is optimised.
    • Anti-bacterial and seamless: 100% hygienic, bacteria-repellent and odour-neutral - freshness for short and for long workouts and competitions as well.
    100% seamless comfort, to avoid chafing marks.

    The back pockets guarantee a secure storing of e.g. power gels, mobile phones and keys. Thanks to their sloped arrangement, you will have easy access to the pockets anytime - even when you're tired.
    Material: 68% polypropylene, 18% polyamide, 9% polyester, 6% elastane (LYCRA)

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    COMPRESSPORT PRO RACING triathlon shirt

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