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Możliwość zwrotu w ciągu miesiąca rowery montowane w Niemczech Ponad 100 lat rodzinnej tradycji


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    COMPRESSPORT PERFORMANCE triathlon shorts T4

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    The new compression shorts by COMPRESSPORT are seamless, ultra light and breathable. They have been developed to optimise your body posture. The shorts are comfortable for swimming, cycling and running. Thanks to the thigh compression by means of COMPRESSPORT ForQuad and to zones without compression around the waist, as well as a comfortable Tri-Pad, these shorts are the perfect choice for the next race or training.

    • Ergonomic pocket: The smart, practical and ergonomic opening is lined and serves as a pocket for gels, bars and even smartphones. It is extremely helpful for cycling or running.
    • Ergofit: Fibres and cut have been selected carefully, so that the triathlon shorts adapt to every curve of the body for maximum comfort.
    • Water-repellent: The water-repellent fibre lets sweat wick off without absorption, even when sweating strongly.
    • DTOX: During performance and recovery periods, the even and targed compression at the thigh allows a better evacuation of cramp-generating toxins, delays muscle fatigue and improves physical well-being.
    • Breathable zone: Thanks to the innovative, tube-like fabric (micro tubes) and the integration of a breathable window at the upper crotch area, the athlete remains dry, feels fresh and light and the skin is not irritated.
    • Grip Bike: A fine silicone layer allows a perfect hold on the road bike saddle.
    • Seamless compression zone: For maximum comfort and total freedom of movement, the structure of the triathlon shorts consists of a seamless, light and extremely gentle microfibre.
    • Triathlon pad: Inside, the ultra thin triathlon pad absorbs shocks on the road bike, whereas it cannot be felt on long distances. Thanks to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effect, it avoids heat generation in the crotch area.
    • Ultra light: With a weight of 99g (size T1), these triathlon shorts are the lightest compression shorts currently available. The ultra light, extremely resistant special fibre has been specially developed for maximum compression and optimum lightness.
    • Targeted compression: These triathlon cycling shorts offer one of the strongest levels of compression (15mm HG) of all compression shorts currently available. The even compression of muscle groups of the thigh works with millimetre precision and enables the stimulation of blood flow and oxygenation, improves the evacuation of toxins, the body posture, knee alignment, shock absorption and the reduction of muscle vibration.

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