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    ALPINA D-ALTO L.E. MTB helmet

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    ALPINA D-ALTO L.E. MTB helmet 52-57

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    The D-ALTO L.E. MTB helmet by ALPINA combines advanced materials with a great adjustment system and a sophisticated ventilation. This offers best safety and comfort for your tours.

    • made with INMOULD technology
    • high-quality HI-EPS inner shell
    • break- and scratchproof CERAMIC SHELL outer shell
    • flat EDGE PROTECT edges
    • individual fit thanks to RUN SYSTEM ERGO PRO adjustment system
    • adjustable inclination thanks to CUSTOM FIT SYSTEM
    • one-hand adjustable ERGOMATIC closure
    • easily adjustable Y-CLIP straps
    • 26 large vents with FLY NET anti-insect mesh
    • washable ANTIBACTERIAL INTERIOR padding
    • detachable visor

    Manufacturer's ref.: A9635

    Weight: approx. 235 g

    INMOULD: The inner shell of the helmet is formed by means of foam applied under high pressure and great heat beneath the outer shell. This firm bond creates an extremely stable and very light helmet structure.

    HI-EPS: The inner shell is made of High Expanded Polystrol of which the numerous microscopic air chambers absorb shocks in case of an impact.

    CERAMIC SHELL: A break- and scratch-resistant polycarbonate outer shell that is pressed onto a HI-EPS body under high pressure and with strong heat. Absolutely UV-stable and antistatic.

    Sharp edges are eliminated during the processing to protect your hands when using the helmet and to effectively protect your neck and shoulders in case of an impact.

    The top class of ALPINA's adjustment systems offers two rubberised wing-shaped head rests to optimally distribute the pressure. A smooth-running rubberised control knob allows for a precise adjustment.

    The inclination of the system can be adjusted in several steps to fit as snugly around your head as possible.

    The strap closure with a red press button and a multi-step ratchet mechanism can be operating with one hand only. It won't become loose in case of a fall.

    Both straps can be easily adjusted at the ears so that you can adapt the position of the straps to your individual head shape.

    FLY NET:
    A mesh fabric in the front vents serves as an anti-insect mesh. It prevents insects from entering the helmet and thus protects from insect stings without losing ventilation.

    The material of the padding prevents the formation of bacteria and odours. If need be, the pads can be removed and washed at up to 40°C. The dermatologically tested inside padding ensures best skin tolerance.

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    ALPINA D-ALTO L.E. MTB helmet 5
    od Mirjam Röder
    (napisane na 20.02.2015) 2015-02-20
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    Sehr leichter gut sitztender Helm.
    od Sebastian Czieschnek
    (napisane na 02.04.2014)
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    Leicht, gute Lüftung und sitzt perfekt. Sehr guter Tragekomfort. Hat mir schon das Leben gerettet.
    kolor 52-57 57-61
    black matt

    4 dostępny

    4 dostępny

    titanium/cyan matt



    kolor 52-57 57-61
    black matt

    2 dostępny


    titanium/cyan matt

    1 dostępny

    2 dostępny

    ALPINA D-ALTO L.E. MTB helmet

    52-57 57-61
    black matt black matt
    produkt dostępny
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    titanium/cyan matt titanium/cyan matt
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