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adidas WILDCHARGE Sports Glasses

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The WILDCHARGE sunglasses by adidas combine a trendy look with lots of features. A flexible frame, anti-slip temples, flexible nose pads, robust lenses and a wider field of vision make the sports glasses into a must-have for sport and leisure!
Available with mirrored lenses or polarized LST lenses.


• Ultralight frame design
• Temples with anti-slip TRACTION GRIP and QUICK-RELEASE HINGE technology
• Nosepiece with flexible DOUBLE-SNAP NOSE PADS perfectly adapts to the shape of your nose
• Also included: extended nose pads and microfibre bag

• Available with mirrored lenses or contrast-enhancing LST lenses
• 8-BASE technology for an extra wide field of vision

Model information:

black matt/LST active silver
• Frame colour: black matt
• Lens colour: LST active silver (light transmission: approx. 16%; light conditions: bright; protection level: 3)

black matt/blue mirror
• Frame colour: black matt
• Lens colour: blue mirror (light transmission: approx. 12%; light conditions: bright; protection level: 3; UV400)

black red/chrome mirror
• Frame colour: black red
• Lens colour: chrome mirror (light transmission: approx. 12%; light conditions: bright; protection level: 3; UV400)

crystal shiny/purple mirror
• Frame colour: crystal shiny
• Lens colour: purple mirror (light transmission: approx. 17%; light conditions: bright; protection level: 3; UV400)

Thanks to the LIGHT STABILIZING TECHNOLOGY, contrasts appear more vivid and distracting changes from light to dark are effectively filtered out.
• All-purpose contrast-enhancing and light harmonising lenses
• Intensifies contrasts and enhances colour perception
• Reduces the intensity of light to a comfortable lever, whilst preserving vibrancy of colour
• The perfect choice for sports that take you in and out of the shade
• UV400 protection

LST ACTIVE – High-contrast vision whatever the conditions
Get ahead of the game with LST ACTIVE lenses. The light-stabilising lenses keep perception sharp, whatever light conditions you’re facing.

8-BASE - Wide field of vision
Provides side protection and excellent vision with outstanding all-round performance.

VISION ADVANTAGE PC LENS – Robust and scratchproof
Whatever combination of dirt, stone and bugs Mother Nature throws at you, fend it all off with these multi-layered polycarbonate lenses.

QUICK-RELEASE HINGE – The quick-release temple
You take a fall, but thanks to adjustable temples that release on impact, you can dust yourself down and get right back on your bike.

TRACTION GRIP – Provides best grip so you don’t have to slow down
Keep going, climb high and sweat as much as you want. Thanks to anti-slip contact points on the temples, your sports glasses won’t slip.

DOUBLE-SNAP NOSE PADS – Individual fit for any nose shape
Thanks to adjustable nose pads that perfectly adapt to your face, these sports glasses even fit tight when crossing the finish line at breakneck speed.


Manufacturer`s ref.:
a425 00 6051
Lens tint:
Tinted, Mirrored
Full rim
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